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    Moving right along. . .

    out of the pediatric GI unit that is. My son Mitch is 17, turning 18 in September and has to be out of Children's hospital by then, so today we had a transitional appointment with an adult GI and his nurse. So, it's been a while since I posted on here about my son (been playing the games...
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    I find this quite ironic

    http://topnews.us/content/233756-bowel-ailments-be-curbed-modified-probiotic Is it because we have so many genetically modified foods that now we need a genetically modified probiotic to help keep the gut flora healthy? Very interesting.
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    Kremezin or AST-120

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of this - or participated in a clinical study of Kremezin for fistualizing Crohn's?? (also called AST-120) I have tried to get information on this from the GI, but haven't heard anything back from them...
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    Another Crohn's mom

    Hi all, I've been reading the sight for awhile and decided to quit lurking. My 15 year old son started feeling ill after Christmas and went for about 3 months of just not feeling right, at the end of March it was painful for him to go to the bathroom, and the D was becoming more of a common...