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    Just diagnosed and looking for support - Help :(

    What Scipio said. Removal of the entire small intestine would cause death. Probably had the Large Intestine aka Colon, removed
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    Just diagnosed and looking for support - Help :(

    You should give Pentasa some time to work. Diarrhea is the symptom I have most often. If that becomes an ongoing issue talk to your GI about Loperamide or Lomotil.
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    Just diagnosed and looking for support - Help :(

    Welcome to the club! I had surgery right after diagnosis in 2010, but that does not mean that you will. It sounds to me that your case may not be headed to surgery. There are many IBD patients who have not had surgery. One thing I've learned about Crohn's Disease is all of us are different. You...
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    Moonface caused by corticosteroids: when will it generally go away?

    I've been on Budesonide before and yes it can cause the moonface. When I stop Budesonide the moonface usually goes away in a couple of weeks.
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    Can Humira provoke Multiple sclerosis (MS)

    In my household I'm the lucky one with Crohn's. I was on Humira for about 5 years, until I built up anti-bodies to it and it stopped working. No MS like symptoms have occurred. My wife was once diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She went several years taking Avonex and having steroid treatments...
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    Raw vs. boiled vegetables?

    Softening up the raw veggies makes them more digestible.
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    Does prednisone cause shaking?

    You might want to check with a neurologist about having Essential Tremor. ET is a movement disorder. I have been diagnosed with it longer than Crohn's. When my gastro puts me on prednisone for the Crohn's, my ET always gets worse. When off the prednisone, the ET gets better. Can't be a coincidence.
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    Long distance travel and Crohns.

    In 2 weeks my wife and I are going for a two week trip to Indiana. We're going by car because we have stops we want to make along the way. I sometimes have very urgent bowel movements and am a bit worried about if one goes while we are out in the middle of nowhere. Would you suggest I make...
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    Being told I should take FMLA leave.

    I am an auditor for the State of Utah. I do payroll audits on companies paying state unemployment tax. It is coming on performance review time. For the last performance year I have turned in 81 audits, which is 21 more than the minimum for passing. I also have investigations I need to do and I...
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    Friability of Colon

    I just had a colonoscopy, my fifth overall, and found the only possible reason for blood in my stools was an area of friability in my cecum, at the anastomosis site from my surgery in 2010. I had no idea what friability was, but my GI told me yesterday. What I have found on the web is it is a...
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    Blood in Stool

    Unlike a lot of Crohnies, this is new to me. Today I started having blood with my stools. The blood is actually outside of the stool. As of a colonoscopy last spring I did not have hemroids so I am thinking that is not the issue. The blood is bright red which indicates it is happening...
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    Shortness of breath and swollen feet

    The last few weeks I have had swollen feet - appears to be water retention, and for the last month or so I have had shortness of breath. While napping, I have waken up several times gasping for breath. I also have sleep apnea and wear a cpap machine at night, so I have not had the problem then...
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    Injection Malfunctions

    I thought it would be good to have a place we can post about our occasional injection mishaps we have. My wife gives me my injections. Last night I a laying back in the recliner with my headphones on, listening to music, which relaxed me before the shot. Sandy is getting the pen ready. She took...
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    How long does one stay on Humira?

    :sign0085:I have had pain in the right side of my abdomen, at my surgery site. I am on Humira, Budesonide, and Loperimide to control the "D". My "D" has been gradually getting worse over the last few months. More trips to the bathroom, more pain. Yesterday I went to the G.I. and he has put me...
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    Humira approved by FDA for Ulcerative Colitis

    I thought this should be posted here. http://www.drugs.com/newdrugs/fda-approves-humira-ulcerative-colitis-3517.html