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    Combo therapy and covid vaccine, anyone had a serology test confirming immunization?

    I’m on combination therapy of Humira (weekly) + azathioprine (Imuran). I enrolled in the Prevent COVID study and had my 2nd Pfizer vaccine mid April. My first antibody test was at the end of June. I had a 3.4, which was also indicated as “high” (though obviously not as high as others). I’m...
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    Immunosupression and Covid Vaccine Response

    It's probably best to send a message to your doc to confirm if they want you to make any adjustments to your meds in terms of vaccine timing. However, my doc didn't think any adjustments were needed to my medicines. I take Humira weekly and daily azathioprine (another thiopurine). Both times I...
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    Immunosupression and Covid Vaccine Response

    Good luck Lynda Lynda! I’m getting my second dose on April 19th, so I’ll send some positive thoughts your way that morning! :giggle:
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    Immunosupression and Covid Vaccine Response

    That’s actually quite reassuring to hear, especially coming from someone else on weekly Humira shots! I was beginning to worry my minor side effects from the first shot was because I took my Humira the day after my first COVID shot. o_O Your Humira/COVID vaccine timing is very similar to mine as...
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    Immunosupression and Covid Vaccine Response

    Lucky - I’m also on weekly Humira with daily azathioprine and am curious if your GI recommended making any adjustments to the timing of your meds with your COVID vaccinations. All my doc said was to get it as soon as I could when I talked with her last Fall. I know there is not much research...
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    Lasik eye surgery

    Wow, Lucky! Thanks for sharing your experience! I am on weekly Humira shots w/ azathioprine too and have been wondering about lasik. Like you, I found it difficult to find any helpful info online about people on immunosuppressive meds being eligible for the procedure or not. This is...
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    LASIK while on immunomodulators/anti-TNF meds

    Hi all, I was just curious if anyone on here has been on immune-suppressing and/or anti-TNF medications and had LASIK or some other laser eye surgery done to improve your vision. I've often wondered if a doctor would even approve a patient to have the procedure done if they were on medications...
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    Manufacturer's supply on backorder?

    Has anyone tried to refill their azathioprine prescriptions lately and been told there was a delay in receiving it due to a back order with the manufacturer? This just recently happened to me this week and I went into a bit of a panic because I run out of my medication after Monday and I wasn't...
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    First real cold since being diagnosed...boo!

    Hey all! I'm back after a bit of a haitus. Job has been keeping my super busy, which seems to have finally caught up with me. A bug has been going around the office as well as at my husband's work (he just got over a 2 week cold that turned into an infection) and I am now trying to battle it...
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    Bravo TV's Real Housewife Speaks About Her Sudden Hospitalization

    I don't know if any of you watch the Real Housewives of Orange County series on Bravo. But, I was watching the most recent episodes this past weekend and wanted to share something with you. In a nutshell, one of the cast members, Vicki, experienced an unexpected hospitalization that kept her...
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    Does anyone on here have anhidrosis? I've always had a problem with not sweating, but never thought it was a medical concern. So, I never mentioned it to my doctor. My husband was Googling and found something on anhidrosis, which is basically defined as a lack of sweating. Even when I'm...
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    Contact lenses and dry eye

    Hey guys. There has been a lot of talk on here lately about eyes and things. I had a few questions for those who wear contacts and/or have dry eye. I went to the eye doctor last weekend and it was confirmed that I had dry eye, which wasn't surprising to me. Other than that, everything else was...
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    GREAT news!!

    Well, I finally received my CT scan results today from my GI nurse. She said I only had MILD inflammation with no sign of any fistulas or abscesses! Woohoo! Not exactly the remission I was hoping for, but I will definitely take a mild case of Crohn's over moderate-severe. I forgot to ask about...
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    Overdue Life Update

    I haven't been on this forum in a while other than popping in here and there to check on people. I see there are many people on the forum now that are new and may not really know me. Either way, I figured for those that are interested I'd post an update on how things are going lately. Well, 3...
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    First day at my new job: long post

    Well, today I started my first day of work at my branch. I apologize for this rather long post, but I'm feeling a mix of emotions and just have to spew out all my thoughts somewhere. For those of you who didn't follow my other thread...I was unemployed for some time and recently got hired as a...