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    Butterfly pads

    Anybody tried these ? Saw them in Walmart , but wanted some reviews http://youtu.be/y1tMfReSJi0
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    Just my luck

    just my luck finally managed to find a Gastro who was willing to figure out what's going on with me. Never met a more compassionate kind understanding Doc in my entire life. He's also top dog in my location & my PCP was over the moon when I told her he would take me on. The first time I met...
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    What time of day

    what time of day do you have the worst pain? Mine seems to start in the middle of the night & continues through most of the morning. I normally get up around 3 am due to the nagging pain in my lrq & tailbone & pace the floor. After I've paced the floor for a while, my tummy sounds like a pot...
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    I just switched GI's & pretty much had to go back to square 1 with all the tests. I was scoped from both directions early December & had the upper gi/small bowel bit about a month ago, & would like some help regarding the list of questions for my follow up next week. I have had a really bad...