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    My scar suddenly hurts!

    So my scar where they cut me open, is almost 8 weeks old now, but the last couple of days, it starts hurting like shit, when my abs are active. For example, if i sneeze. My god, it hurts! Or random movement where my abs are being a little bit active. Or if I stretch my body. When I touch the...
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    How big is your stoma?

    So my Dot (Ileostoma) is about 8 days old now. At first it was 45mm/45mm. But now it has shrinked down to 33mm/34mm. How big is yours? :)
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    Tomorrow it is! :o

    Im getting my ileostomy tomorrow. Im both scared and excited. Can't wait to get back to a "normal" life with no damn pain and bloody diarrhea. Im scared though that the operation wont go as planned and something goes wrong. Any advice? Greetings from Denmark :)