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    Update on the vaccine

    Hi everyone, It's been a year and a half since I put up the post informing people of Professor John Herman Taylor's research, which involved curing cattle of Crohn's Disease (called Johne's Disease in cattle) by means of an anti-MAP vaccine which he has spent many years developing. The vaccine...
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    MAP Vaccine Ready for Human Trials - Could be Used for Crohn's

    Professor John Herman Taylor is at the very forefront of research into Crohn's disease and is a researcher at St Georges university London. His vaccine is ready to go to human trials! "We have made such a vaccine against MAP. It took us 8 years and cost, in cash terms, around £750,000. In...
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    Anyone get really really hungry after bm?

    During flares (well i havent really hit remission yet) sometimes after a very large bowel movement, i will instantly be absolutely starving! Sometimes my body will literally crave sugar after a large bowel movement and i'll stuff myself with as many sweets (candy) as possible! Anyone else find this?
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    4 years and no remission - hope is out there right?

    Had symptoms of Crohns since december 2009, havent gone into remission yet, officially diagnosed August 2012 after colonoscopy. Budesonide and pentasa (mesalazine) havent worked, currently trying azathioprine, NOT NICE DRUG AT ALL! Any tips for avoiding sickness with this treatment? Already...