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    Interesting article on the possible mechanism of uveitis related to gut microbiome

    Reuters Health Information Gut Microbes Activate T Cells Causing Autoimmune Eye Disease By Will Boggs MD August 24, 2015 Comment PrintEmail RELATED DRUGS & DISEASES Uveitis Classification Uveitis Evaluation and Treatment Iritis and Uveitis NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Commensal microbes in the...
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    Niggling skin issues that don't fit the textbook..

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced odd, somewhat atypical skin problems? I don't have known psoriasis. 2 years ago, got a red sore/itchy single lump on my R anterior lower leg(shin). (Like a large mosquito bite)Resolved eventually, but very slowly.Wondered about erythema nodosum, but...
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    Advice about Konjac (glucomanan) - ?safe to eat in Crohn's

    Hi all I'm one of the "plump" Chronies on the forum. Currently in remission, and don't want to do anything to unsettle that! Just wondering if anyone has any information on, or has used, assorted "slender" type weight loss foods - noodles/pasta/rice, etc, made from Konjac? As far as I can tell...
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    Finding probiotics in Israel/Palestine

    I'm currently travelling in the Middle East and am struggling to identify yogurt type products containing probiotics, mostly because I don't read Arabic or Hebrew, and there is almost no labelling in "European" style text. Haven't found any Yakult type products, either.. Would appreciate any...
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    So far, so good...

    Am feeling fairly positive at the moment.. Surveillance colonoscopy a few months ago had normal appearance and histology. And the eye dr today thought all is well, and doesn't need to review for a couple of years unless there's a problem.. YESSS!! :)
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    Where do i find VSL3?

    Hi all Was browsing through the "parents of kids with IBD" forum and noticed some comments on a probiotic formula VSL3. Sounds like it's working really well for some of the kids :) Does anyone know the details of how to access/purchase it? I take a couple of Yacult every morning, plus another...
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    Faecal transplant and probiotics articles

    http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/770009?src=mp http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/770468?src=mp Couple of really good articles on today's Medscape Gastroenterology email
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    Types of Crohn's disease?

    Hi everyone, A question for the collective wisdom of the group :) ( ?Judith or David) Any suggestions for good reference info on diagnostic sub groups of CD? I know it's divided under the anatomical area of the GI tract involved, and/or as inflammatory/fibrostenotic/fistularizing. I hadn't...
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    A good news day!! :)

    Just home from a routine surveillance colonoscopy, 2 years after initial diagnosis of Crohn's colitis, and "colon and terminal ileum appear normal" (biopsies to come..) WOOHOO!! :))) HD
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    Follow up colonoscopy

    Follow up scope is booked tor tomorrow.. Have followed all the instructions very carefully (enough clear consommé and jelly!), and drunk 3 sachets of the prep stuff.. So there's NO reson to be anxious, right??Q
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    Time to say hello

    I've been quietly reading for a while.. at 57 my computer "forum" skills are a bit elementary.. Was diagnosed with CD (pan colitis) 2 years ago, with an illness 5 years previously of "Reiter's Syndrome" - a good going R ankle arthritis, some urethritis, and a serious, difficult to treat...