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    Going to college?

    Hi, haven't posted here before, but am feeling so worried about my 18 year old son and if he should go to college. He is barely making it through high school, his grades are not going to get him into a good college, but we are hoping to hear back soon from his applications. He did already get...
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    Helminth therapy anyone know about.

    Have just read article from "Nature" and very interested in this idea. Does anyone have experience with it?
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    Nutrional Therapy, It is so hard!!!

    My 17 year old son had been on Pentamen for 2 weeks, he had already lost 25 lbs in the last month, and think he continues to lose weight. He absolutely hates it and is so hungry. Me and my husband feel so guilty eating, we sneak dinners in the basement. I just feel so bad for him and don't know...
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    New member mom

    Worried about my 17 year old son, who was diagnosed 2 years ago with a "mild" case of Crohn's in the ileum. His main complaint was alway nausea and the Pentasa we tried twice just made him more nauseous, then did a round of Flagyl for no good reason. Switched to another pediatric GI, supposedly...