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    Hot sauce...

    ...is not Crohn's friendly, at least not today. Noted. :shifty:
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    Hit the (Treatment) Sweet Spot

    Hi all: 150 mg: Crohn's spread to a new part of digestive system, developed 2 fistulas. 200 mg: Looked like mild dementia -- confused, forgetful, making mistakes left and right. 175 mg: Ahhhhh! Relief! It hasn't been very long, but things are really turning around. I would have been in...
  3. Entchen

    Mental Status Changes (Accompanying Increase Dose)

    Hi all! I haven't been on the forum in the past few days as the page is very unstable when I log on using my desktop -- flickering and the page refreshing every 1/2 second or so. How bizarre! Speaking of bizarre, I was advised this morning by my pharmacist to immediately stop 200 mg Imuran...
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    It feels so normal now

    So this morning I was feeling queasy (I've been lightheaded and a bit dizzy on and off for a few days now). Threw up once or twice and then left for my class. Got to campus, threw up another four times. Dosed myself with more ginger (and breath spray!), re-did my makeup, and taught class. I...
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    Did your small fistula heal on its own?

    Hi, all A little informal data gathering request. If you have had a small perianal fistula (or more than one), did it heal on its own? Reason: I have a small perianal fistula. My GI has suggested we wait a little longer to see if it heals on its own (before exploring treatment options). I have...
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    Prednisone Side Effects Poll

    A poll attempt for Crabby Relish. Edit: ...er, for Keona!
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    Skin irritated above abscess/cyst

    Hi: I am awaiting results of a recent MRI; we are not sure whether I have a fistula or a pilonidal sinus. Either way, the "hole" has not been too uncomfortable -- some swelling, lots of drainage, that's mainly it. This morning, however, I discovered that the skin about 1 inch above the "hole"...
  8. Entchen

    Can hemorrhoids have holes with discharge?

    Hi all: Developed a hemorrhoid last night, which was surprising as everything in that region has been great. Applied Prep-H, and this afternoon in the shower I discovered it's now much less swollen but with an indentation in the centre. (Pre-H typically gets rid of a hemorrhoid for me in 1-2...
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    7 Day Fever

    Hi all: Have had a fever for 7 days. This virus is my first and only (probable) Imuran side effect. The fever goes down (more or less) during the day, then increases to over 101.5, 101.7, etc. in the evening and at night -- I know that isn't scary high, but it's high enough to keep me awake...
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    Kelly's Imuran Thread

    Hey all: I'd expected to need to be on Imuran in February or so, but start date has been moved to December. Symptoms point quite clearly to increased inflammation. Have been in a flare since Sept 30, 2009 and would really like to think that Imuran will do the trick (right quick!). I've been...
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    Are there long term effects of inflammation?

    Hi, all Jessica's post and Nica's reply in another thread brought to mind a question that I have been working through recently. I welcome your info and advice. I understand that some forms of inflammation are quite serious and dangerous. However, when thinking about moderate level...
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    Bye Bye, Prednisone: Hello, New Plan

    Hi all: Had a surprisingly good visit with my GI today, considering the content of our conversation wasn't all happy and shiny. He tries hard to be friendly - although it often looks like it hurts - and he even managed to crack a smile or two today. He's very respectful toward me, emphasizes...
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    Saturday gone awry

    Hi all: Am feeling the need to vent because it's 2:30 p.m. and I had planned to be at the bottom of a swimming pool with a scuba tank and a bunch of other people and some skills and games right about now. Instead, I'm home making regular trips to see Mr. Commode. My stomach has been doing...
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    "Emergency" Prep Help Requested!

    Hi Everyone: It's the girl who apparently can't get prepped for a c-scope here, begging for assistance once again. I've been on clear fluids since Monday (with the exception of a bowl of gnocchi pasta on Monday). Tuesday, I did Pico Salax. Tonight, I'm doing Golightly. I have only 3 cups...
  15. Entchen

    Any double preppers out there?

    Hi all: Because 4 litres of Colyte didn't work last time (sigh!), this time (double balloon c-scope next week), the tentative plan from the GI's office is for me to do a double prep. I'll be cutting out all fibre on Sunday, going on clear fluids + Ensure on Monday, drinking a bottle of mag...