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    Maybe it's a product of the digital/spell check era or getting old but my spelling has gotten atrocious! Like my brain is just farting wind when I'm trying to spell. Could be Crohn's brain fog but I feel as if I've regressed back to grade skool :duh:
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    Had Reversal

    I had my reversal/ileostomy take down surgery last Friday May 6th. Was definitely not as bad as the first surgery(the resection of 22cm of colon). I had the PCA pump for pain management but stopped using it about 12 hours after surgery. I didn't want the pain meds to cause any ileus. I was...
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    Barium Enema

    I had a barium enema and X-rays yesterday, that was not fun!:ymad: But they needed to check the resection site to make sure there is no leakage. Everything looks good and I was able to schedule my ileostomy reversal surgery for May 6th. I could have April 22nd but decided to pushed it back...
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    EIM pre-reversal surgery a harbinger?

    I'm a bit worried since I've had an increase in EIM's the past week. I had my resection feb 16th and have yet to have the reversal but have noticed the following in the past week: arthritis is first joint of finger(but went away after a couple days) perneosis(chillblains an autoimmune thing when...
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    Prunella Vulgaris

    The common name for this plant is "self heal" It acts by inhibiting the activation of the NF-kB pathway of which NOD2 is a part of. NOD2 mutations are associated with Crohn's disease. There are a few theories on NOD2's role in CD but one is "NOD2 acts as a negative regulator following...
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    Bag blowout

    Just venting here...I had to change my bag twice yesterday. It started leaking under the wafer. I think what happened was "pancaking". I had eaten Kasha (not the prepackaged cereal but toasted buckwheat groats) which caused my output to thicken to hummus-like consistency. So it just started...
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    A few questions re: ileostomy

    Hello all! I have a temporary ileostomy while the resection site of my colon heals(splenic flexure removed due to strictures). Since this is all new to me (2/16/16 was surgery) I have a few questions on some things I'm hoping you all could help with: 1. I'm eating low fiber/ileostomy diet and...
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    Surgery Update

    I'd thought I'd update everyone after my surgery(which was 2/16). The surgery went well, they removed 22cm of colon. Mostly my splenic flexure and a little of the transverse colon. I spent 10 days in the hospital before being released. There were a few things that extended my stay. It took...
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    Surgery moved up

    Thankfully they were able to squeeze me in for this coming Tuesday. I had been scheduled for March 4, there was no way I was going to be able to last that long. I have been fading fast. Tons of pain and the past couple days I stopped eating. Now at 5'7" I'm down to 101lbs. I'll be getting a...