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    Out of remission, What Meds Worked For You?

    Hey y'all! I need some help. I just had a flexible sigmoidoscopy and abscess drainage surgery performed today. I had been in remission for about a year. However, my surgeon is concerned with the progress of my disease; my rectum was very friable and inflammed, and the presence of the abscess...
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    Exercise with fistula?

    I usually do an hour or so on the stationary bike per day. However, I have developed a small perianal fistula and am thinking that staying off the bike may be a good idea, at least until I can get into my colorectal surgeon and see what she says. Just for some background info, the fistula is not...
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    My GI is having me taper off of Pentasa and take Lotronex. I have a few questions. Is it a daily medication, and if so, for an indeterminate amount of time? Anyone else take it and have success?
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    Low plasma levels from Crohn's?

    Ok wow it's been ages since I've been on. Things have been crazy health wise and I've had so many hospital stays and ER trips. Sorry for being MIA. I've got a question. I've recently developed orthostatic intolerance that lead to a week in hospy. My doctors were originally thinking it was...
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    How long is necessary to become anemic?

    I've had pretty large amounts of blood in my stool for six consecutive days. I do have a GI appointment set up in four days, and I'm on iron tablets...but will I become anemic or will my iron stores be too low by my appointment? I've never had a whole lot of blood in my stool, so this is pretty...
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    Florinef (Fludrocortisone)?

    So if you've read any of my previous threads, y'all will know that I have major issues with dehydration. My new cardiologist decided to put me on Florinef to help me absorb and retain fluids. It is actually kind of similar to prednisone, so I'm wondering if it may end up helping my Crohn's a...
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    Hospy Update, 6mp, and Methotrexate

    Just spent the last few days in the hospy getting IV solumedrol and now am home on a high taper of pred. It just never ends....yeesh. I was stuck on the geriatric ward at my local hospital because apparently old people are the only ones who have GI issues? But yeah, this just gets old. Sorry to...
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    IV vs Oral Prednisone

    I've been on a Pred taper for a bit now. I'm not seeing any difference. I haven't had any side effects except for insomnia (not that I'm complaining) so I'm wondering if I'm even absorbing it at all. Is IV Prednisone a better option than oral? I should mention that I also have a gut motility...
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    remission was short lived

    Welp...not only was my remission over-rated (I still felt crappy from other illnesses and crohn's complications), it was also very short. I am flaring a gain after only a few short months of remission. On a taper of prednisone now but disappointing and sad. Hoping I can avoid the hospital and it...
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    Zofran dosage?

    For all my zofran pals...what dosage are you on? I am currently taking 4mg every 6 hours. It's not doing much for me anymore, and my nausea is worsening. I know in an ideal situation, my dose could be doubled but am curious as to whether that would help much. Any input?
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    Is IBS during remission common?

    There was a study done in 2008 that looked at the reasoning behind many IBD patients developing functional IBS during remission. This is actually the case for me, so I am curious to know how many others does this affect?
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    I am curious to hear from any of you who are on/ have taken IVIG in the past. My crohn's is in a rocky remission right now, but I want to have a plan for when I am flaring again. Unfortunately, I have tried almost all of the usual IBD drugs with bad reactions, so I am interested in IVIG as a...
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    Horrible care at hospital

    I have a large perianal abscess, and was admitted to the hospital on Monday. My normal colorectal surgeon was away at a conference, so I had to see her residents....I was told that my horrible pain (that was not even controlled with dilauded) was just from my anal skin tag (I have had this for...
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    Failing Courses Because of Health

    I am really upset right now. I am a full time student getting a degree in food and nutrition. This last semester has just been horrible. I went to the Mayo Clinic, got diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia, have been to at least two doctor appointments per week, and have been struggling to...
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    Gastric Emptying Scan?

    I have a gastric emptying scan next thursday to look for a reason outside of Crohn's for my chronic nausea. I know the basics of the test, but just wondered if any of you have had one? And if so, what was it like/ do you have any advice? I am also going to have an ultrasound of my abdomen a bit...