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  1. EthanClark

    Under 5 years old and treatment options

    I have a question for anyone that has a child 5 or under that has been diagnosed with some form of IBD. What medications have you tried/used for your child and were they successful? We have a meeting with our PED GI next week to check on Clark's progress/remission and it seems he is one of the...
  2. EthanClark

    Clark getting a G tube

    We ended Clark's 12 weeks of EEN on March 29th and slowly introduced foods back into his diet. Our plan was to have him continue to drink 3 peptamen jr's a day and see how things go with a blood draw at the end of April. He won't drink the peptamens and is going down hill fast. Arthitis pain...
  3. EthanClark

    Update on Clark with EN

    I wanted to share a happy update on Clark and his last appointment. We started Clark on EN Dec 23rd and have now just hit 8 weeks. We had a follow up appointment Friday with his GI to see how his labs,height and weight were doing. Great news all around! His SED rate went from 68 to 15. It hasn't...
  4. EthanClark

    EN question about hunger

    Hello All, We just started our 3 yr old son Clark on EN DEC 23rd to try and induce remission with his Crohn's disease. I am wondering for those who have had their children on EN if their children were constantly hungry. His dose is 1000ml a night. We leave the tube in throughout the day as the...
  5. EthanClark

    Recurrent fevers with children who have crohn's

    Hello All, I am new to this forum so I will give a brief history before I ask my main queston. I am a female 32 years old with 4 children. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2009 but had symptoms from the age of 16. My 2 1/2 year old son got very sick in FEB of this year 2012. We thought it...