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    Am I facing surgery?

    So, diagnosed November, had blockage so was given steroids and switched from imuran to infliximab, when steroids tapered off I started getting symptoms again. Would give me the idea that the level of Infliximab I'm on isn't working. Had a colonoscopy and MRE. The doctor couldn't make it into my...
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    Recording your symptoms

    I've been looking for an app that would do a good job of recording symptoms and have found a few on the android play store but would be interested if anyone had any experience in that area?
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    So, my crohns doc is trying to increase my imuran to match my body weight. 100mg is fine but he tried to go 150mg and then my liver function test went up and I experienced fatigue, I was basically wanting to go to bed all the time. I could barely function. Then he tries 125, after a few days I...
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    Just been diagnosed little freaked out

    Hi, So went for Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy and CT Scan, doctor reckons that it's quite likely I have crohn's although he is not 100% as the biopsies weren't completely consistent, apparently there is something indians and pakistanis get that I'm unlikely to have that woudl present the same. So...