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    Gasec (omeprazole) + heart pumptation !

    Hi all, I have been taking this GASEC for the last 4 years on daily basis ( 20mg on empty stomach). for your info, I used to take ZANTAC (ranitidine) for a long time before but then I was advised by my doctor to stop (not sure if this relevant). My main issue here; Im experiencing scary heart...
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    Listen to your Gut - By Jini Patel Thompson

    Hey there, I was recommended by a friend to read this book "Listen to your Gut" by Jini Patel Thompson. I was wondering if any of you have read it and followed the Jini's recommendations and diets? I think I'm gonna order it because it seemed really interesting but I need to hear from you if...
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    I Love Pistachio !

    Hi guys, This is very simple, I love Pistachio (who doesn't!!):D and yes i do have it on every meal ! My question is, are NUTs safe snacks for CD patient?
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    Low White Blood Cell Count

    Im seeking help here, for the last a couple of months I have been testing periodically my blood for WBC count which has been very low (around 1.8 to 2.1 sometimes slighlty higher/slighty lower), plus I'm having (new) symptoms: bone pain, tiredness. now my doctor has referred me to a...
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    Music therapy

    music therapy Im not sure if any one of you here tried this one up, but for me this is really helping me out to calm down and relax when i'm in flar-up. I've noticed that my pain could reduced slowly when im listening to slow music and driking some ment tea simultaneously Music therapy...
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    Can I take bodybuilding supplements?

    Hi all, It has been over 4 months at the gym and I'm going on a daily basis. (maybe I'm trying to resist the fact that I'm sick) However, my muscles are in good shape BUT I didn't gained any weight ! I know CD causes weight loss. My question simply is: Is it considered safe for CD patient...
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    Seeking hope..

    Hi there, My name is Fahad, male,31, from kuwait. I found this forum by luck after i was searching for some information regarding my Disease (crohn's disease). Allow me to share my story with you, first in 1997 I have had my first surgey after doctors diagnosing Piles, but it did not stop...