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    Steel cut oatmeal

    Haven't been keeping my journal recently but steel cut oatmeal may be causing some problem whereas regular Quaker oats does not. Does anyone eat steel cut oatmeal without problems?
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    Does anyone eat it? Had anyone had problems with eating it? It has 15℅ of daily fiber. I haven't been keeping my journal recently do I can't tell if pain level or frequency was heightened when I began eating it a couple weeks ago. I very much want to continue eating it
  3. fewdalord

    Magical effects of vitamin D

    You need level of 50-60 for optical benefit. http://www.financialexpress.com/article/lifestyle/health/heres-how-taking-vitamin-d-may-help-cure-crohns-disease/84091/
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    Anyone with Crohn's been diagnosed w irritable bowel syndrome

    My doc is mystified. I have diarrhea and pain but bloowork doesn't indicate inflammation so he is thinking irritable bowel. I'm down given that what I've seen the only treatments seem to be for the symptoms and not the condition. Help me out. Colonoscopy scheduled
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    My remicade antibody number is 3.1

    My understanding is as long as it is not over 8 you're ok. My question is has anyone has effective or less effective response to remicade with an antibody number around 3. Thanks (My doc will get with me later today or tomorrow).
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    How much is copay on medicare for remicade without a supplemental policy?

    Thanks for.your help.
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    Liver enzymes elevated; liver tenderness

    I'm on 150mg imuran. have been for 2 months. liver enzymes are off. probably from imuran. out of abundance of caution doc ordered ultrasound. in the meantimeI was curious if anyone here when you had elevated liver enzymes did you have tenderness/pain when your doc or you pushed down on your...
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    When does fatigue recede, if ever from IMURAN?

    I just started 150 mg each day. Feel horribly fatigued. I expected this because I've taken it before but can't remember when it recedes. My vague recollection is that it goes away to some extent but back when I took it I was taking wellbutrin which is very energizing so I'm not sure if the...
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    Does anyone have active crohns w no pain or fatigue but w diarrhea?

    Maybe I'm in denial but I can't tell if my crohns is acting up. I have lost ten lbs but have no pain and no fatigue. I keep wondering if maybe the diarrhea is caused by sweets or peanuts. Or it is the fact that Ive been cut on three times although they dudnt remove a huge amount. Does anyone...
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    How slow should I go starting IMURAN to lessen side effects?

    My doc prescribed me 150mg once a day but I recall feeling horribly fatigued when I started on it a decade or so ago; so I started off w 25 or 50. I plan to take 50 for couple weeks then 100 for couple weeks then 150. Anyone have any thoughts re this?
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    What dose IMURAN are you on? and your weight?

    I took IMURAN years ago and did well. Went into remission. But now I need to get back on it and am curious what doses people are taking. I'm 188. Please respond w your weight too. Thanks.