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    Biologics and stoma question

    I have a question for those with Illeostomy. I have a huge rectovaginal fistula, and dr wants to do temp stoma and then surgery. But he said his preference is for me to be off remicade before the stoma operation? I've never heard this before? Is that standard? And what good would stoma and...
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    A weird funny?

    For those of you that don't know, I had a labial? Fistula, had a flap procedure 2 1/2 weeks ago which did not take and actually turned my fistula into a horribly huge vaginal one. Anyhow, I'm looking around down there, and it looks like there is a string imbedded in my perianal area. I had been...
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    Help with recto vaginal fistula

    Hey ladies. Last week I had a flap procedure to fix a fistula that ran alongside my vagina, not in it. Needless to say, it may have ? Fixed the original one, but now I seem to have a horrific vaginal fistula. I'm still on pain meds and haven't had a really substantial bowel movement yet, just...
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    Remicade and narcotic drugs

    I just had surgery on Thursday and Am still on lortab . Can I stay on it for my infusion? I usually take Tylenol and Claritin anyway.
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    Happy freakin new year

    so i just had fistula surgery on thursday. while the dr thinks that you can't really tell for a week if it's going to take, if all of the gas, diarrhea and mucus i've had going through my fistula hole today are any sign, it isn't looking good. so unless a new years miracle happens with my...
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    Flap procedure advice

    hi all. haven't been here in a little while. i've been on remicade for the past year and have been doing relatively well, functioning in society and all :tongue: But, unfortunately the remicade only healed up a secondary branch of my fistula and not the original tract. sigh. as background, my...
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    Bowel obstruction

    bowel obstruction this actually isn't a post about me for once! my husband's uncle was diagnosed with UC a few years ago. he had a temporary ileostomy? and has been on cipro/flagyl since then and has seemed to keep it under control. earlier this week he had an incident at work and ended up...
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    smell? gross question - does fistula drainage have a distinct smell? my fistula comes out right next to my vagina. i don't think the smell is coming from the vagina, though. i get smelly down there, and not when i've pooped recently. this isn't stool smelling. i can't describe it. it doesn't...
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    Fistulas suck bofa

    fistulas suck bofa v. depressed. have a fistula that is rightnextto my vagina. luckily not in it, but still. just got my 4th remicade infusion. still not closed up. and it's so frustrating because i'll have a couple days where almost no stool comes through and i get all excited thinking it's...
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    Advice about infusion

    advice about infusion hello all! i have a remicade infusion scheduled for tomorrow morning. my son apparently got a stomach bug saturday/sunday. i think i caught a milder version of it. late saturday got moderate cramping. sunday i felt better, today has been better than yesterday, pretty...
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    Burning sensation??

    burning sensation?? i've had 2 loading doses of remicade. been doing well, side-effects wise. the last few days i've been noticing some burning sensations in random areas, like my butt cheek or my arm. it's like i'll feel like i have a sunburn in a small area, maybe the size of a post it note...
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    commercials why do i never see commercials for remicade? the only biologics i've seen advertised are humira and stelara?
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    Meds/problem areas

    meds/problem areas i have a question about the drugs people take for this. i've only been on prednisone (2 very short tapers) and now remicade, and don't know much about what people usually start off with. do different ones work better on certain areas? like does 6mp or imuran work better for...
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    questions (someone suggested i post in this discussion as well) so i'm wondering if anyone has ever done things backwards? i just got diagnosed a few weeks ago. my small intestine and my colon are fine. i have inflammation in the last inch of my rectum and a fistula that leads out from this...
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    questions so i'm wondering if anyone has ever done things backwards? i just got diagnosed a few weeks ago. my small intestine and my colon are fine. i have inflammation in the last inch of my rectum and a fistula that leads out from this area of inflammation. my symptoms are honestly ones i...