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    Quick question.

    Hey guys! :) Haven't posted for a while so I figured I'd chime in. Been goin to dos like mad this week. Been so sore!! Finally feeling decent today and hoping it stays that way. Maybe then I could go back to work next week!! :) I hope everyone else is doing well! :) Anyways, quick question. I...
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    New to Remi..

    I've just been to see my GI. He has now 'officially' decided I have Crohns from my colonoscopy in Jan and the abscess/fistula that I am battling now. He has taken me off of my Prednisone and says keep taking Asacol until we set up for Remicaid. I'm kind of nervous about the Remi and very nervous...
  3. Gabismommy

    How much can we take?!?!

    I guess today is just an off day for me. The road to diagnosis was fortunately pretty quick for me. I guess I just have been really stressed with so much crap so quick. A year ago I was a seemingly healthy new mother. I had just been proposed to by the guy I loved more than anything. Things...
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    Okay.. Dumb question..

    I hate to sound like an ignorant idiot but what is a fissure guys? I have a peri-rectal abscess/fistula. I had a seton placed on Valentine's Day. Is a fissure something I should be aware/cautious of? Also, any advice on the seton,etc. is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, you're the best!!
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    Surgery tomorrow

    It's my birthday!! Woohoo!! Surgery tomorrow, peri-rectal abscess. Hopefully it's not bad. He thinks I have a fistula and may have to put in a seton. Wish me Luck guys!
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    More surgery.. :/

    Well, I am scheduled for surgery next Tuesday. Day after my birthday! Haha. I'm pretty nervous. This is my second surgery this year. I had my gall bladder removed about 3 weeks ago. This surgery is for an abscess. They think I have a fistula. I don't know a huge amount about them. I just know...
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    Hey guys, Basically I know I have at least an abscess. I had hemmoroids for a couple months but it seems like they are gone now. I finally went back to a doctor because I was still in terrible pain down there. The doctor then put a small incision in the spot which he thought was just cyst and...
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    Been MIA for a few days guys, sorry..

    Hey guys!! Not to sound like a loser but I have missed you guys very much. For those of you that have read my former posts this is an update of sorts I suppose. Things with the boyfriend hit the fan this weekend. I had my gall bladder removed on January 13th and I have a 1 year old daughter. As...
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    Update! :)

    Hey guys, just an update about surgery. For those who don't know I was scheduled for my first ever surgery Friday morning. I had many gall stones so I had my gall bladder removed. I was very nervous since I have never had any sort of surgery. The surgery was done laparoscopic. Things went as...
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    Surgery first thing in the morning. :/

    Final few hours countdown to my first surgery in the morning. I have to be at the hospital bright and early to have my gall bladder removed. Luckily this procedure is usually not serious I'm just pretty scared since I have never had surgery. Prayer appreciated guys. Thanks for all the support...
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    Just a bored crohnie venting.

    Today is kind of rough. It's so rainy and dreary outside. I have felt great te past couple days but not so much today. I'm pretty sore. :( I need a nap but I don't want to keep asking for my mom to watch the baby. I feel like the poor woman needs a break from taking care of us all the time. I...
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    New here..

    Hey everyone, my name is Jessica. I have been researching all night and stumbled across this site. Even if no one responds to me, I wanted to say thank you. Just reading these posts makes me feel like I am not so alone. I have had stomach issues for about almost 2 years now. They started during...