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    Frustration with lack of objective evidence

    Hi everyone, So I've ranted on several of the forums here and thought I'd just start a new thread. I'm at the point of losing the little bit of hair I have. In a nutshell, I was diagnosed with PA fistulizing CD in 10/2013. I had a fistula placed 11/2013. I went on Humira 1/2014 and stayed on...
  2. GABoy

    Should I be really concerned about heightened ALT, AST, MCV & MCH?

    Hi Everyone, You can kind of see my history below. Peri-anal abscess in 10/2013, drained, seton 11/2013, dx 12/2013 with PA Crohn's. Colonoscopy showed mostly PA disease, but some inflammation at the terminal ileum. Started Humira 2/2014 and did okay, but fistula never closed. Abscessed again...