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    Trendy enteral feeding tubes all the rage

    Brides’ Extreme Wedding Preparations: The Nose Tube Diet http://shine.yahoo.com/the-thread/brides-8217-extreme-wedding-preparations-nose-tube-diet-173800919.html Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. All eyes (and camera phones) will be focused on her as she teeters down the...
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    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    I don't use MJ myself and don''t need it for pain as I have celiac and control it with diet. But I certainly can understand the use for people living with Crohn's or cancer or other painful conditions. Anyway, I noticed this article the other day on Yahoo about Washington, DC approving MMJ...
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    Mouse guts spill their secrets info

    Sorry if this is not in the wrong place. Please feel free to move if needed. Article is about research on how intestinal cells absorb food. Below is just s small part of the article. Click the link for the full article on Live Science com. This sounds like a step forward in understanding...
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    I am a celiac on a Crohn's forum Hi!

    Hello all, I don't have Crohn's, I have celiac disease instead. I joined because I thought there might be some questions about the gluten free diet that I could help answer. My younger brother had both Crohn's and celiac disease and passed many years ago. Since then I developed or...