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    NY Times Article About Treatment with Parasites

    The Parasite Underground - The New York Times https://apple.news/Azkb0R3auQ56OHsix-3jyTw I've read a bit about fecal transplants but parasites in this way was new to me. Found it interesting - I'm neither promoting not discouraging any type of treatment.
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    Arnica and Crohn's

    So, I was at work today and got horrible menstrual cramps. I went to Whole Foods, the only shop within walking distance. I was looking for Tylenol or acetaminophen but they didn't have any. So I got Arnica tablets. They were labeled as homeopathic medicine, but they aren't those tiny pellets you...
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    Stopped Pentasa

    So... my prescription ran out and I have about a month until my next doctor visit. I've read a lot lately about Pentasa not really being effective for Crohn's, that it's more useful for Ulcerative Colitis. I also have just had a gut feeling (pun intended!) that it wasn't doing much for me. So I...
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    What fake poop is made out of

    Thought this was an interesting read for those of us who know oh-so-much about poop. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/08/08/158447235/why-is-the-worlds-largest-foundation-buying-fake-poop
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    CCFA Treatment Options Webinar going on now!

    https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=794055&sessionid=1&key=44A23F877F40A7C830E2A1843718B346&sourcepage=register It just started...
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    Kudos to my husband!

    Last night we had guests for dinner, and one of them (also with Crohn's) asked how I've been. I said "I've been better" although I really haven't been good at all, but have a hard time speaking up about my illness. My husband quietly told him that I have actually been having a hard time. I was...
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    Fructan the real problem for many with gluten sensitivity?

    http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/05/22/314287321/sensitive-to-gluten-a-carb-in-wheat-may-be-the-real-culprit Just read this interesting article. The gist of the article is that it's fructan, which is present in foods with gluten, that really causes the issues for people with supposed...
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    Trying SCD for the first time - my food diary

    Hi everyone, I've been on Pentasa for the last year+ and my symptoms are kept in check but not totally gone. I have about 4-5 bms/day, which are quite soft but usually not what you would consider D. The main issue I have is with urgency. When I have to go, I have to go NOW. My doc said the next...
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    Can B-12 control a flare?

    Hi there, I recently had a flare of about a week - and when thinking back to what may have caused it, I realized the flare started about 2 days after I ran out of my B-12 supplement, and the flare withdrew a day or two after I restarted the B-12 (once I finally got to the store). This is...
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    Visit to my GI yesterday

    So I went to my GI yesterday - a check in with her to see how my Pentasa was going. I feel so relieved after my visit! She said that I could stay on Pentasa still. If my symptoms worsen she'd like me to consider Prednisone *shudder* but Pentasa should be okay for now. She was really...
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    Does reducing stress through herbal or homeopathic treatments help Crohn's?

    Hi all, My hubby found some herbal supplements today called "Calm EZ" which is made up of Chinese herbs. He said it helped him today to reduce his stress level (he's unemployed, and therefore quite stressed!). I know that stress can exacerbate a flare - not necessarily cause a flare but...
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    Blood in your stool - what does it look like?

    Hi all, I know almost all of us have had blood in our stool, and I was hoping I could get some help with this. I've been having blood with my bowel movements - mostly it's bright red blood in the toilet, but there are also some dark clumps or clots that will be in the toilet as well, or on the...
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    Blood clot - is it from a hemorrhoid?

    Hello there, So lately I've been having a bit of blood in my stool, which I assumed was from a hemorrhoid. It's mostly bright red, maybe not BRIGHT red but pretty light, not brown. Today, twice, I had a little clot type blob of dark-ish blood on the t.p. when I wiped. Not very dark, or brown...
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    Iditarod runner w/ UC

    Thought this was inspiring! I have this weird interest in the Iditarod, and when looking at the mushers' profiles I found this guy: http://view.zumasrevenge.com/musher_bio.cfm?musherid=350
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    Doctors or Prescriptions Abroad

    Hello, There's a tiny tiny chance that my husband and I might move to China for a year to teach English. Some other countries are on the list of possibiilties, too. A lot of the reason it's a tiny tiny chance is that we don't know what to expect for healthcare abroad. Does anyone know...