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    Plastic surgery?

    Hello all I had a complete hysterectomy and my rectum and anus removed on May 31. Unfortunately, the stitches on the back end have come apart and my surgeon is going to refer me to a plastic surgeon for more surgery. I'm wondering if folks here who have had plastic surgery can offer some...
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    Peristomal Pyoderma

    Hi everyone: I've been diagnosed with peristomal pyoderma, which sits just on the left side of my stoma. It's quite tender and makes changing the appliance a bit challenging. I'm also getting more than usual leaks and having to change more often. I've seen the ET nurse, and we're treating it...
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    Link between IBD and increased risk for skin cancer

    Research suggests that it is particularly the case for people on Imuran and 6MP http://yourlife.usatoday.com/health/medical/conditions/story/2011-11-27/Chronic-bowel-disease-drugs-linked-to-skin-cancer-risk/51409962/1?loc=interstitialskip
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    Questions about adhesions (scar tissue) and hair loss

    Hi everyone: I wondered how you might have dealt with build up of scar tissue after surgery. My stitches came out too early, and my incision site is still open (3.5 months post-surgery) and the dressing is changed three times a week. I have a bit of pain around the incision area and the nurse...
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    Thank you to the "updaters"

    Hello all: I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this, and if it's not appropriate, feel free to move it elsewhere. I just wanted to say a special thank you to those of you who are on this forum who update us on those members whose health is compromised. I realize what a lot of...
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    A Glum Chump Indeed

    Hello all: Just wanted to send an update and share my experience with you all. I had an ileostomy on May 19th, and was finally released from the hospital yesterday. The surgery was successful and I apparently have a happy and healthy stoma. Unfortunately, there were a lot of complications...
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    Application for membership

    So it seems that I'll be part of the swelling ranks of the ileostomates. My surgery is scheduled for May 19th, and I'm semi-terrified yet so ready for it. It has taken my GI many years of talking about it for me to finally agree, but I don't see any sense in dragging around a useless, destroyed...
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    Link between high costs of meds and increased surgery.

    Interesting article I found about the links between the high costs of IBD medications and the role this plays in low-income kids getting surgery... http://start.shaw.ca/start/enCA/News/NationalNewsArticle.htm?src=TL440.xml
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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    For my dear friend, Bart, who died in my arms at 5:52 this evening after a long and courageous battle with HIV/AIDS and brain cancer. I will always love you. Thank you for being a bright star and bringing such beauty, intelligence, and laughter to my life.
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    Delayed allergic reaction to Remicade?

    Hi everyone: I'm hoping for some input/wisdom from those who have experience with Remicade. I got my first Remicade infusion on Sept. 21 and am scheduled for my next one on Tuesday. Yesterday morning, I woke up and couldn't get out of bed. It felt like both my ankles were sprained, and that...
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    I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2002, although the symptoms started appearing a couple of years before then. I also have MS (which is usually under control but not in remission) which was diagnosed in 1989. Prior to my diagnosis with Crohn's, I had also been treated (successfully!) for cervical...