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  1. Grant

    Bile Acid Malabsorption Support Group

    Anyone?? Could really do with some advice/hear what others do? Help please Grant
  2. Grant

    Bile Acid Malabsorption Support Group

    Hi everyone. I've been on Questran for nearly 9 yrs now, but just lately the bloating has been terrible. I've seen on the net to take it with food. So I've been taking with lunch & dinner, its a slight improvement. But evenings are pretty bad still, even if I could go out I wouldn't because of...
  3. Grant

    Stricture Advice- Surgery or not?

    This by Walter is exactly what I've experienced. I have another stricture now, I've managed it by low fibre diet. I'm absolutely loathe to have anymore surgery (x4 up to now). The disease just comes straight back. But & its a big but, if I start obstructing I know its almost inevitable that...
  4. Grant

    My journey to getting well

    I'm using Gluten free bread as from next wednesday. If it reduces my bloating then I'll go the whole hog as in gluten free cake etc. Because of a stricture I eat very little fibre. Glutinous stuff I eat, white bread (4 slices a day), cake & extra special pancakes plus chocolate bars & biscuits...
  5. Grant

    Mouth/throat ulcers

    Anyone else have Crohns Ulcers that crop up in the roof of the mouth or worse still in the throat? So painful, but worse the pain seems to congregate in my head as well, as if the inflammation spreads upwards. Absolute agony. I'm currently using paracetamol & codeine & even ibuprofen gel rubbed...
  6. Grant

    Family history of Crohn’s.... anyone??

    Pretty sure my father has it, he's always had a dodgy belly, but its mild. My Daughter has it -again very mild.
  7. Grant

    Starting Stelara

    I'm now down to 8 weekly shots on Stelara. Its certainly helped. In fact I think its kept me away from the surgeons considering the stress I've been put through this year not allowing for the threat of Covid. I apologise for lack of input but this year has just been the worst capped by my poor...
  8. Grant

    Pentasa stains

    I think this is due to bleach getting onto the plastic seat when the toilet is flushed, nothing to do with meds. There is a product like a sponge that you can rub these stains off with but for the life of me I cant remember what they're called sorry.
  9. Grant

    Ulcerative Proctitis Support Group

    Good luck with your new G.I. Jnette. I don't know whats worse, the endless diarrohea or bouts of constipation. Because when I get that I get really anxious having had bowel obstructions in the past. When its over I thank god, when I have diarrohea I beg him to get it to go away. God cant win...
  10. Grant

    Another Stricture

    Guerrero, you've been through hell. 7 strictures all @ once!! I've never heard of that, you take care of yourself & please use this thread to let us know how you're getting on. Best Wishes Grant
  11. Grant

    Another Stricture

    I just had to look that up. :) I don't fancy that @ all tbh. But tks for the idea, I think it'll boil down to 2 things. 1 they'll bring the Stelara forwards to 8 weekly & 2 they'll probably go for a balloon dilatation. I'm willing to try the dialatation once but if it fails then maybe from there...
  12. Grant

    Another Stricture

    Before the last surgery Guerrero. I had a surgery in 2010 but the disease came back in 6 weeks, it was then decided to put me onto Humira. But there was a helluva delay (about 12 weeks before I got started & in that time another stricture had formed. That stricture was removed in 2012. My 1st...
  13. Grant

    Another Stricture

    Hi my little penguin. I'm seeing the specialist in 4 weeks, but if things continue to go downhill I will try & bring it forward. I used to be on Inflectra, that started out 8 weekly, ended up 4 weekly. Regards Grant
  14. Grant

    Another Stricture

    Tks for the reply Guerrero. 4 surgeries so far. The last in 2012. This one is being described as 3cm of acute inflammation. 3cm is just over a inch, how can 3cm absolutely floor me. I thought I'd seen & heard it all with this disease. Currently on Stelara 12 weekly. Best Wishes Grant
  15. Grant

    Another Stricture