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    Sticky Questions for your Surgeon

    Totally could have used these tips a month ago before I had my resection, but they are all great questions. Taking someone with you to the pre-op appointment is so helpful, they will always think of things you won't. Any time the doc would ask me if I have questions, I just looked at him...
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    Bloating and Weight Gain on Humira??

    Has anyone else had any significant bloating or weight gain while on Humira? I got put on it in October and since then have put on about 10 lbs, constantly feel bloated, and most of my pants no longer fit :( I started working out more, went from once a week to at least 3, and started eating...
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    Gut Wrenching News

    Hi all. I joined about 2 years ago, but didn't really have much time to read and post, and still don't have much, but I got some news today that I'm having trouble with and figured I might need some help. I got diagnosed with Crohn's in January 2009. I was put on Pentasa and thought that...
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    Tips for a New Kid Fighting Exhaustion after Running

    I'm new to this forum, new as of today as a matter of fact. I got diagnosed with Crohn's in January and am just getting to the point of feeling better and able to work out. I am in the military and must run in order to pass my physical fitness tests. So I started running again last week, with...