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    Stomach growling and tensions

    Pain is low in my case. I’d call it discomfort with slight pain
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    Stomach growling and tensions

    hi delta_hippo thanks for your advices. I decided to travel and go, as I hate this disease make us drop down plans and opportunities. Yes I know some hospital there, i’ll be close to family too, so it’s not so adventurous. regarding GI they are not really easily responsive, no direct phone...
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    Stomach growling and tensions

    Thank you for your reply noises are not so loud. MRI will be end of the summer so not soon. Yes I guess if it turns out as an obstruction with nausea and pain I’ll go the the ER. Hope I can avoid that. did you experienced similar situations?
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    Stomach growling and tensions

    Hello guys, I need some help or adivce. i been having stomach tensions with growling and noises in my belly for days… I tried to change my diet, drink a lot more etc and started a rifaximin cycle 2 days ago but it keeps going on. Today it’s harder to walk normally with all this discomfort. I...
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    Abdominal lumps that move and gurgle

    I also have strictures and a lot of gurgling and discomfort but without lumps. I may need another surgery sooner or later I’m afraid…
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    Abdominal lumps that move and gurgle

    Do you have strictures? Why you think you have lumps?
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    Humor me.

    The DONT list make a stronger case than the DO list in my opinion. You should be safe
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    Desperate for surgery

    I think you should try specific liquid nutrition like Modulen as supplements or as meals replacement. it should make you gain weight in few weeks
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    This is not a very good forum..

    I think this is the best forum with the best users. i agree with other comments, when you feel good you forget to participate much. Hope you’ll find the support or help you need here or somewhere else.
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    Inflammation markers

    Calprotectin may be a more sensitive marker for inflammation in CD compare to CRP
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    Crohn’s map vaccine

    Good news. Weird to be the only one person to get it 😆
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    2021 The year of hospitalizations and new treatment

    Hope 2022 will be great for you. Let us know how it goes with Stelara.
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    Exciting new vedolizumab injections!

    I started the self injection version of entyvio too. It’s great , it saves a lot of time for us patients and for doctors and nurses.
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    Newer Diet May Expand Food Options For Many Children With Crohn’s

    That’s a great news. Do you have more details on the exclusion diet?