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    Small bowel resection for possible ileo-ileal fistula?

    Hi guys I'd like to give an update... the fistula is not confirmed, it was only a speculation of the radiologists, so I won't need a surgery soon... I'm back on entyvio.
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    Stricture Advice- Surgery or not?

    What does surgeon suggest? Have you already had an obstruction yet? For how long have you been on stelara? If not much i’d wait a bit and see...
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    Just had surgery

    That’s great. The structure was in the ileum or colon?
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    I can’t cope with this.

    I agree with Dan, change your doctor to get Questran.
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    how elective should elective surgery be? (tests bad, no meds left, but symptoms cause differing surgical opinions)

    I agree, had similar story and received similar advices from my docs
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    Does prednisone cause shaking?

    I like the second guess :D Side effects of predonison are plenty, so would not surprised me much if it was that
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    how elective should elective surgery be? (tests bad, no meds left, but symptoms cause differing surgical opinions)

    If its been 3 years of obstructive like pain, probably surgery would help with that, before risking a real osbtruction and possibly an emergency surgery. Never easy to go for surgery... I’m amost there too
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    Upcoming bowel resection

    good luck my friend. I'm in a kind of similar situation... had a surgery in 2013, luckily not emergency, and did strictureplasty instead of resections. Now i'm candidate for another surgery within probably 4-6 months, as I have again stenoses and a non symptomatic fistula in the small bowel...
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    Advice on starting a new job and needing time off for doctor visits

    I like to think our condition must not drive our professional and personal life. Nice to say, but not always easy... However if you strongly want to move then move, you’ll find ways to manage it. I’d not mention your condition to the hr now. You already proved to be a good candidate even with...
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    Newly diagnosed- Need ANY advice

    Hi welcome on the forum, unfortunately the first flare or onset of Crohn's disease is usually the worst moment, so I understand your worries. The worst symptoms, and fever will disappear once you get the right treatment, so hang on there! You'll feel better soon. The advices I'd give you to...
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    Alcohol and humira?

    I dont think there is a specific indication to avoid any alcohol wit humira. However for your liver and for the possible inflammation in your bowel, i’d say it’s better to limit it. I wish I know precisely if with crohns we sould avoid alcohol at all or not...
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    Remicade anti-TNF therapy has not yielded expected declines in hospitalisation and intestinal resection rates in inflammatory bowel diseases

    Yes but results in terms of efficacy is low.... especially for a medication that pretend the theory behind the use of anti-tnf is wrong...
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    Tethered ileum?

    I think tethering may mean there is a fistula going from the terminal ileum to the sigmoid colon... or an adherence between the two... that’s how i’d understand that, but of course ask the gi to explain better. If there is a fistula between the ileum and the colon, there could be an indication...
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    On EEN, how long does it take to go into remission?

    Regarding how long it takes for een to put you in remission, i think some studies showed results after 8 weeks (pls double check, and do some research as i’m not sure)
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    On EEN, how long does it take to go into remission?

    There are interesting studies on non exclusive EEN that seems to work. Check out this : https://mymodulife.com/ I’m doing a kind of non exclusive een myself as i have strictures etc... taking modulen instead of food for dinner except the weekend. It helps me a bit easing symptoms, but no idea...