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    My Omeprazole Experience

    i thought i would share this purely as information - i wouldn't like anyone to not take Omeprazole because of my experience, if their doctor prescribes it, but just so you're aware... i've been having upper stomach issues for over a month now, at first the gp and the hospital doc (and me)...
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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    for all the lives lost and for those suffering in the Australia and Brazil floods.. my thoughts are with you all at this terrible time..
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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    this candle is for those special people i have lost, and would give so much to be able to hug one more time... i miss you as much today as i did the day we lost you. xxxx
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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    Amirah - i hope she recovers soon - my kid got it last winter, was acutely sick for just a few days then the fever broke and she began to get better... i hope it goes as smoothly for your little one. xxx
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    What Is IBD Thread - Update

    those of you who have been following the recent What Is IBD? thread will know that there has been a large element of unrest within that discussion, and having looked into the various issues, i am now satisfied that there is enough reason to remove the thread and the member from this forum. i...
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    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    so sorry hun :( i also lost my dad this time of year, a few years ago.. know how you're feeling. x
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    New members - please read :)

    hi and welcome! just a little note to reiterate our post in the Come In And Say Hi thread, in which you will have posted a brief introduction before your account was fully activated. that thread, once you are a fully registered member, will not be visible to you any more, and even if you...
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    Welcome Snagandme

    we have a new member, Snagandme, who's introductory post came to the wrong place, so i am reposting it here.....
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    TENS Machines

    another new experience for me - i'm sitting here right now having my lower back zapped every second. i've been suffering pretty intense back pain for over a month now, and finally got around to making a gp appointment for next Monday, hoping for a referral to a physio... but yesterday i just got...
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    CCFA Crohn's Treatment Teleconference

    the following information was kindly brought to our attention by the Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America.. please make a note of the time & date in your diaries if you are interested in listening to this webcast/teleconference - September 7, 2010 – On Wednesday, October 6 at 1 pm EST...
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    Welcome TannerLeeBlake

    hi there - you're fully registered now so i've created this thread to give you a place to tell your story to our members :) welcome to the forum - i look forward to seeing you around :)
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    Our Friend Jerman

    some of you may know a little of what's been happening in Jerman's life lately... and he has asked me to post on his behalf today, to let you all know that he is in hospital, getting the right treatment he needs just now, and that he's safe. if anyone would like to post any comments or good...
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    At Last - Found the Ideal Appliance!

    after months of trying different stoma appliances, and experiencing at least one problem with each one, i have now found the one which ticks all the boxes for me. i needed one with some degree of convexity in the flange, as my stoma does aerobics, disappears into my skin, and pops back out...
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    Welcome to Parents of Kids with IBD

    we have set up this section of the forum specifically for parents or guardians of children who are suffering with Crohn's, Colitis, or any form of IBD. sadly it seems there is a need for this, as more and more parents are joining and posting about their child's experience with IBD issues. in...
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    Colonoscopy Terminology

    has anyone ever heard the term 'continuous extend' with relation to Crohn's ulceration? this is on my recent colonoscopy report, along with some not so pretty photos - apparently i have serpiginous ulcers.. i looked up the word and it relates to serpent (snakeskin appearance).