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    Any advice GCSE exams special consideration

    any advice GCSE exams special consideration Hi all Josh's mum here Josh was diagnosed with acute stricturing crohns in Feb(15yrs old) when he had a bowel perforation during colonoscopy in hosp, emergency repair laproscopic on sigmoid colon 5 weeks stay (29kgs weight) also had emergency stay in...
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    Hi All, just wanted to let everyone know how great twitter is for meeting new people and discussing issues related to IBD. I've met loads of new crohns/colitis sufferers which has really helped me. As they're all around the world, they're around 24/7! :thumleft: my username is JoshClark0 if...
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    Surgery Looming!

    :outahere: !! After being admitted at 4am last wednesday with obstruction and threatened with emergency open surgery, after 5 days, the crisis passed, i am home now, and am now hoping to be put onto an emergency list. (waiting for operating theatre to be vacant!) parents have signed consent...
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    Roller coasters!

    Anyone got any experience of roller coasters + crohns? Had surgery to repair perforated bowel in march, and am awaiting a resection, but really wanna go to a theme park - I know, sounds crazy. Any ideas/thoughts? Josh
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    Flare...or not to flare!

    flare...or not to flare! hi, the last few days i had been feeling a lot better than normal, and on one particular day I ate loads of food!! (rare for me!) (inc. blackberries + fresh cream). The next day when i woke up, my stomach seemed very sensitive, even the vibrations from walking hurt...
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    Hi, was just wondering if anyone else had noticed they hiccup a lot more since being diagnosed with crohns?! :ycool: I have started hiccuping like crazy in the last couple of months! I asked my gastro doctor if he had ever heard of them being related and he just laughed! Anyone else had...
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    15 year old's story of Crohns - So far!

    Hi, i'm new to this site! it's been great so far finding out about everyone elses experience(s) with crohns. my name is Josh, i'm 15 and live in the uk. since september i had been dealing with weight loss and feeling sick when eating (and sometimes being sick). we went to the doctors, who said...