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    Anyone else have this? After being diagnosed 7 years ago, my crohns has been almost entirely quiet, with remission maintained on asacol and the dietary protocol of Prof John Hunter. Suddenly this year I started having wheezy breathing, cough and phlegm. This immediately developed into a cold...
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    Flaring after pregnancy

    Hello All! I am 24 weeks along in my pregnancy, doing reasonably well, although the crohns is rumbling in the background. I was wondering, for those of you who flared AFTER delivery, how quickly afterwards did symptoms start? Was it within a week or two, or was it more like 2-3 months?
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    Iron injections and pregnancy

    Hello all, I am 5 months pregnant and trying to juggle getting a nutritious diet and keeping my crohns under control, and only partially succeeding. My haematocrit and ferritin are now quite now, and I want to avoid oral iron as this is bound to cause a flare for me. Does anyone have any...
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    In the interest of introducing some friendly bacteria, I was thinking of trying to make kombucha. Anyone make it regularly? The site I bought it from said that anyone on medication should ask their doctor about whether its safe for them or not... I can't imagine my doctor even knowing what it...
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    Inulin in probiotics

    Hi all! I have a question about probiotics: most seem to contain a prebiotic, either inulin or maltodextrin. I definitely want to avoid those containing maltodextrin after reading articles posted here that it creates a biofilm that pathogenic bacteria are able to use as a shield to protect...
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    High vitamin D3?

    High vitamin D3??? I just got my recent blood test results and everything is within normal range, apart from vitamin D, which is really high. Normal levels according to this lab are 18-62, and I am at 97. I take no supplements (and never have taken vitamin D) and its winter, so not much sun...
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    MRI for Crohn's

    Are MRI's for CD always done with contrast? I had one done a year ago and I only drank water, there was no contrast, and nothing was injected intravenously. It was really uncomfortable, as I had to drink 2 liters of water, then spend FOREVER in the MRI machine, and just when I thought my...
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    Help! Where do you get your Faecal Calprotectin test done?

    If you live in Europe and do faecal Calprotectin tests PLEASE let me know the name of the lab (plus whatever additional contact info you have, either address, phone number, email, website). After getting some bizarre results from the lab I normally use, I sent a sample to two labs...
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    Diet success

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's in June 2011. Before that symptoms were fairly minimal. I had one instance of blood in stool the previous summer, 1 instance of abdominal pain a couple of months after that, and then for about 2-3 months leading up to diagnosis I had diarrhea on an almost permanent...
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    Does anyone else have pain on orgasm?

    does anyone else have pain on orgasm? This is kind of an embarassing subject to discuss with doctors. But it's been about 9 months now that I have pain at the moment of orgasm... It started in March 2011, right after having a miscarriage, so I assumed it was from this (I didn't know I had...
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    Elemental, lofflex and elimination diets

    elemental, lofflex and elimination diets Hi, I'm about 3 months into trying to tackle my crohns with diet.. I started with elemental nutrition (which didn't really go too great), I relapsed immediately when I went on the 'lofflex' diet, and then I started the elimination diet in september and...