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    Update on my story: appreciate feedback

    Hi there, That is good news that colon is fine, nothing to worry about there. Gastritis can be debilitating too so find the foods that agree with you and avoid those that irritate your tummy problem. I hope you feel better soon.
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    Just looking for some advice

    Hi there, sorry to hear you are not so well. Do see a Specialist and have tests to get to the bottom of the problems you are having. Remember to keep hydrated too, drink plenty of water or other soft drink as frequent diar…. can make you feel sick. I hope you get a solution soon and feel...
  3. Honey

    My story

    Hi there, you certainly have been on a lot of meds all at one time. I had reactions to some meds, so it was one at a time with me until I was on Remicade infusions for a while. I am currently doing well and on Pentasa. I am glad you are feeling better though Crohns never really goes away...
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    Trouble Swallowing

    HI there, glad to hear they have found the cause of the problem. You always feel better when you know , and hopefully your medication will alleviate the symptoms soon. Get well soon.
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    My story

    Hi there, I am glad your son is feeling better just now. It is not an easy illness to live with so it is a real bonus to be in remission. Thank God, I too am doing better just now. Crohns hasn't gone, it never does, but it is manageable. I hope he continues to feel better.
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    Trouble Swallowing

    Hi there, hope your appointment with your Consultant goes well and you get some answers to your swallowing problem. I did suffer that years before Crohns was diagnosed. I had Para thyroidism and had to have surgery. I hope you feel better soon.
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    Hi CJ, You have had a rough time as you say, they didn't have the meds and treatment they have...

    Hi CJ, You have had a rough time as you say, they didn't have the meds and treatment they have now. Of course, this is subjective as it is a vey individual illness and what treatment suits one person, may not suit another. I know that from ,my own experience of bad reactions to meds ...
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    Capsule Endoscopy

    Hi there, I hope all goes well for your test and you soon feel better. Shingles is an annoying and irritating illness, so I hope it clears up soon. I know that too will take time. Best wishes.
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    Hello there

    Hi C.J. I have experienced problems too with treatment, Pancreatitis etc. and in hospital with lung infection because of being on Remicade infusions. I was worried too about what next, but have been monitored frequently : Calprotectin tests and scans. It has settled enough for me to be on...
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    Capsule Endoscopy

    I hope all goes well for your test results. The Capsule endoscopy is straightforward and not stressful, so good luck.
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    Colonoscopy Friday, Help!

    Hi there, good luck with the Colonoscopy. Add a mixer, like Roses lime juice cordial to the Prep medicine you have to drink beforehand, at home to empty the bowel. This makes it more palatable. It could be IBS but wait and discuss this with your Doctor after results of Colonoscopy. Don't...
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    Hi Andrew, and welcome. So sorry you are feeling rough just now. There are no set symptoms for everyone with Crohn's , so it takes time to diagnose, often when symptoms become severe as yours has. I understand how hard it will be for you as I was misdiagnosed too. Keep seeing your Doctor...
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    I am very confused: New Crohn's Diagnosis

    Hi there, and welcome I hope you start to feel better soon. Crohn's is difficult to diagnose, no set symptoms for everyone! So try not to worry and hopefully you will get a diagnosis soon. I was treated for Diverticulitis for years until my symptoms became more intense and tests pointed to...
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    HELP! Suffering withdrawal symptoms coming off Steroids

    Hi everyone, I am pleased to tell you that the leg throbbing pain has gone, I am stronger and able to walk again. Back at my Tai Chi classes and also a college reunion, their Centenary year. So I have been doing a lot of celebrating recently! Of course, the Crohns hasn't gone but it is...
  15. Honey

    HELP! Suffering withdrawal symptoms coming off Steroids

    Hi there, any good advice for dealing with weakness, tiredness and pain after coming off Steroids. I having been on Prednisolone on and off for four years, first for Crohn's , then muscle weakness. I reacted badly to other meds and treatment for Crohn's. This year after tapering down, I had to...