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    Ok so i had my Colonoscopy, heres what they found

    Hi there, glad that it doesn't seem to be Crohns , but hope they find an answer soon to your concerns. I hope you feel better soon as you have had a lot of tests, and that is not pleasant either. Do watch your diet as some food can irritate the tummy. I know I have to avoid rich gravies or...
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    New to Crohn’s

    Hi there, and welcome. I was on Predisolene for sometime, then Remicade infusions. Treatment kept changing , as we are very individual in our response to meds, and symptoms too when Crohns is diagnosed. It was seen as Diverticulitis for many years before, until I experienced severe...
  3. Honey

    Waiting for Surgery

    Tony H, Glad to hear you are doing reasonably well. It is good that the support from this forum has been of help to you. Wishing you well for the future. Hope to hear how you are doing? Best wishes.
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    My Story

    Hello and welcome, I don't understand how medical card patient and private treatment work ? However, if you have a non paying medical scheme, though mine is paid by National Health Insurance, then you should opt for that. I see you said Consultant not appointed yet. Visit your...
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    Hubby has Crohn's. Need help! New here!

    I am surprised you are having to guess the doze of Prednisolone , as this should be monitored. I know, from experience, coming down the amount you take daily, has to be a very slow process or it can cause problems. Please do speak to your Doctor about this. Flair ups in Crohns is not...
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    Hubby has Crohn's. Need help! New here!

    Hi there and welcome, I am sorry your husband is not so well just now. I too was on Remicade infusions and Prednisolone for a while. Eventually needed a change due to side effects. I was on Pentasa until that became unavailable! There is no set treatment that suits everyone and you need to be...
  7. Honey

    Advice please

    Enjoy the food that you like too! Small amounts frequently throughout the day helps rather than a big meal , leaving you feeling bloated and uncomfortable! Advice given to me by Consultant as I also have a Hiatus Hernia. Do not be too concerned about it. You will feel better . Look...
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    Advice please

    Discuss your concerns with your Consultant when you speak to him. Don't worry too much . Be aware of the foods that irritate it and leave them out.. I found that cream, rich sauces on food and gravy could result in diarrhoea the next day. Also., rich fruit cake which I am enjoying during...
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    Hi, I have Crohn's. Just signed up 120120

    Keep well, Tom. Yes , after many different treatments, and unwanted side effects, I am doing well on Salofalk crystals. Almost two years now, roughly speaking.
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    Introducing myself

    Hi Jo- Mom, Yes I am on Salofalk 1.5gr , two sachets daily. I also am on Folic Acid and Invita capsules re Osteoporosis. I was on Remicade infusions for about 5 months but had to come off due to a reaction. I am currently doing well and Crohn's is manageable, thank God. I hope you are well.
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    Hi, I have Crohn's. Just signed up 120120

    Hi Tom, Like you, I have gone through all those medications too which stopped working for me. I am currently doing well on Salofalk mesalazine . I hope you keep well. It does take time to get the right medicine that works for you. Each one responds in their own way to medication. Keep well.
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    I got Crohn's ☆

    Hi there and welcome. I was on steroids for sometime and had weight gain. Now off Prednisone and doing well on those crystals, Salofalk mesalazine . I hope you are well . Good luck.
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    Introducing myself

    Hi Peter, I hope you are well. I was on Methotrexate for a while. I did fairly well on it but wasn't happy with some hair loss and having to go and collect it from the hospital Pharmacy. I eventually went on to have Remicade infusions. Now off that , and well.
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    Update on my story: appreciate feedback

    Hi there, That is good news that colon is fine, nothing to worry about there. Gastritis can be debilitating too so find the foods that agree with you and avoid those that irritate your tummy problem. I hope you feel better soon.
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    Just looking for some advice

    Hi there, sorry to hear you are not so well. Do see a Specialist and have tests to get to the bottom of the problems you are having. Remember to keep hydrated too, drink plenty of water or other soft drink as frequent diar…. can make you feel sick. I hope you get a solution soon and feel...