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    Mother who needs to vent

    need to vent: I am a mother of two chronically ill daughters who I am trying to help in every way possible. We have been coping and I havent been on here as much. quick update: daughter 16, has come off last dose of prednisone: symptoms are anemia, extreme fatigue, trying to regulate bowels...
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    Gaps diet

    Starting Gaps diet I decided to start a thread about my 2 daughters starting the Gaps diet. see: www.gaps.me/ for more information. Daughter age 15, diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis Daughter age 20, IBS (or undiagnosed) I would like to keep a journal and update their progress...
  3. Hope345

    Relief from bloating and severe gas pains

    My daughter has been suffering from bloating off and on for a while. I know each person is different and many things can actually cause bloating from meds, probiotics, foods, allergies.. etc. I think her problem has been a form of constipation. She may use the bathroom a lot but she is not...
  4. Hope345

    Book: the anti-inflammation diet and Recipe bood by Jessica K. Black

    This book offers some good recipes and practical ideas that can be a good place to start. My daughter started this diet, along with adding some new herbs, vitamins and minerals to her daily routine. Very excited because all of her symptoms are gone, as of today. Trying not to get...
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    Not sure

    As a mother of a teen trying to "deal" with all of this, I am not sure of anything right now. we are still in transition to using the mesalamine enemas, but she continues to have bathroom issues, so returns to her cortifoam... slowly improving. She shuts completely down when there is any...
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    Low platelets

    Our daughters (age 15) last CBC came back with low platelets of 76. The GI had not even mentioned it at the office visit. We are going to have the blood drawn again but she is still flaring and not wanting to leave the house. has anyone had this happen before?
  7. Hope345

    Rash all over legs

    Our daughter has just been in one of the worst flares she has had and now she has a rash all over her legs. This has never happened before. The only new med is a gas relief med (with Simethicone) and that is it. I am guessing this is the IBD manifesting itself in a different way. She...
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    How do you get to do the doctors when you are feeling so sick?

    My daughter is so weak and tired, in pain and we are all wondering how she will get to the doctors. When she needs to go, she has seconds to get to the bathroom... please help, i know you have all been there..
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    Severe gas pain

    My daughter had another colonoscopy a month ago and still has major gas pains. She has so much discomfort... what will help? I know she is anemic, flare has continued, she says she is in so much pain she wont hardly do her cortifoam or even get started on her asacol enemas. We made a big...
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    2nd daughter with unexplained symptoms

    I have a 15 year old daughter with Crohns disease or UC. Next month they are doing another colonoscopy to determine which one. My other daughter has been having GI symptoms as well, but not similar to daughter with Crohns. Several years ago she was having migraines. We have those under...
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    Starting Anti M.A.P. treatment

    Our daughter "B" has been through many of the common treatments for Crohns. She just had her 13th treatment of Remicade today, but remains in a flare most of the time. We have had the privilege of talking and emailing a research doctor in Australia named Dr. Thomas Borody who came up with the...
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    Flaring after 12 infusions of Remicade

    My soon to be 15 year old daughter started flaring 4 weeks after her 12th Remicade infusion. The doctor said it could be due to a virus. Is it common to flare when using Remicade? Her flare has lasted 2 weeks so far. Bleeding, cramping, mucous: the whole nine yards. added a cortifoam...
  13. Hope345

    Does anyone really know what causes a flare

    My daughter just started to bleed again after remission of 5 months and 12 infusions of Remicade. I just dont think anyone really knows what causes a flare, or that much about Crohns. I pray with all my heart that it gets under control quickly and she doesnt suffer again and have to...
  14. Hope345

    UC or Crohns? GI says our daughter may have UC instead of CRohns

    Our daughter recently had a blood test done that indicated she may have UC instead of Crohns. I found it a month later after we finally were sent the results. I had to call and ask them myself if her diagnosis had been changed. The test is based on genetics but not 100 percent accurate. I...
  15. Hope345

    Much needed Vacation

    :yoshijumpjoy:Our B is having a good couple of days and we are headed to the coast. Looking forward to some time with the family and seeing the ocean. Pray that B continues to feel well. signing off for spring break with the family. :ghug:Hugs to all my sisters and brothers on here and your...