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    MRi scan pain to check stricture with fibrosis

    Hi been on aza for 5 years now done really well however past 2 months not good, gone from taking 4 loperomide a day to none in 2 weeks. Sent to have an MRI scan as I have a fibrotic 6cm sticture that scan made me feel so ill afterwards ?? The nurse thinks the aza may of stopped working i cant...
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    MRi scan pain

    Hello along time since i came on here 5 years, That was when i was starting aza and i was scared but here Iam 5 years later. I was just wondering if anyone has had MRI scan and been so ill and in pain afterwards ? I have a 6cm stricture and it fibrotic/fibrosis im waiting on the results to see...
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    Side effects

    Been azathioprine since may now 50mg up 100mg Noticed slight itchy skin but seems to be getting more annoying.Also i have skin rash today Are these because of the heat ? Do I just keep plodding on ? Or should i inform my IBS nurse or consultant Sandra Crohns 35 years 2 bowel resections meds...
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    Azathioprine and cancer worries

    Hello Ive had crohns for 34 years now and just taken pentasa had a ct scan and low and behold they found a striture with lovely big yellow ulcer there too. Anyway so they said they going to try azathioprine to DELAY surgery ? I said no because i read the side affects and it freaked me out and...