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    Expired cort enemas....Please advise

    Hello all. I have not posted in quite a while because things have been pretty good.........Surprise! I started mildly flaring earlier this week. This disease turns on like a light switch. Anyway, I need to medicate with some enemas but realized my cort enemas expired in December of last year...
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    Promising results for new treatment!

    Hello all, it has been a long while since I posted here (things have been pretty good - knock on wood). An interesting news article came up on my Google News app this morning and I thought I would share (this treatment has been in testing for 15 years!)...
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    Anyone take activated charcoal?

    Hey guys. Past few days my gut has been crampy, with EXTREME flatulence that smells horrid. No real diarrhea or anything. Has anyone tried taking activated charcoal? I took it a few times and it seemed to work a bit. But I wanted to ask for some opinions.
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    Green stool for a week... but not loose?

    Hey guys. My disease was slightly on the rocks but has gotten better the past few weeks. The past week though I have noticed that my stools are green. Sometimes dark, sometimes light. They are not loose at all. Well formed and I have been even dealing with a bit of constipation (dryness). I...
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    Diarrhea to solid and back and forth..... Why?

    Hey guys. So Ive been kinda flaring for about 2 weeks. Usually have a bout of diarrheah in the morning, and sometimes later on in the day or nothing at all. The past 2 days I have been waking up early to have 2-3 loose BM's, and then later in the afternoon I would have a solid BM (slighty...
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    Why does this happen? Psychological?

    So I'm in a bit of a flair. Not too major but still there. I am on a 20-day course of Xifaxan, 3 Apriso a day and mesalamine enema as needed. There is a weird thing that happens to me and I can't explain it really (this has also happened in the past). Whether I am in a flair or not, whenever I...
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    Bloody Mucus? Pic attached.... Sorry its gross

    Hey guys. I've pretty much been ok lately until now. So last Sat I went to a wedding and didn't eat anything crazy but Sunday morning I woke up with diarrhea (went about 4-5 times). I was a little woozy but nothing serious. I starting taking mesalamine enemas at night all week and was pretty...
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    Painful internal hard bump near "butthole"....

    Hey guys. From time to time I get this pain in/near my "butthole opening". I realize it after a BM and I wipe. It comes and goes every few months and I'm not sure what it is. I found the culprit and was wondering if you guys have any ideas. Basically, I was feeling around and I noticed this...
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    Weird bowel movement symptoms...Flare?

    Hey guys. I had a rocky first week of January so my doc put me on Xifaxan for 20 days. I finished the course this past Wednesday. I felt good throughout while I was on it. Last night I went out and ate more than usual, but no bad foods. Just lean meat and hard cheeses (like I always do). I...
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    Flare or stomach bug?

    Hello everyone. Its been a while. Happy New Year. Basically, I've been feeling like crap. It started New Years Eve with some cramping and gas (i did not drink any alcohol). New Years Day I woke and had diarrhea in the morning and just felt crappy (fatigued, headache, chills but no fever). I...
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    Colonoscopy results....... Good

    Hey guys. I was diagnosed with Crohns in Aug 2009 (mostly in rectal area). Just had my first annual follow-up colonoscopy. Results were good. My colon cleaned up (no visual ulcers). I did have minor scarring in the ascending colon though which annoys me. I am going to see him again after...
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    Reccuring male genital yeast infection?

    Hey guys. The Crohn's has been fairly good since my big first flare last summer. About a month after my flare I got this nasty scrotal yeast infection (cant remember if I was on Flagyl at the time or if it was right before). Anyway, since then I have had about 4-5 of them and this last one won't...
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    Do you announce your disease on an interview?

    I am going on an interview in a few days. Its actually a pharmaceutical sales position for Asacol....LOL I was wondering if anyone would share their disease info, regardless of job position. Thanks!
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    Mouth Ulcers and Sores may be caused by toothpaste.....

    Just an FYI. A common ingredient in most toothpaste's can be the cause of mouth and gum sores. My dentist had brought it up and I also read about in a Men's Health article. The ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).
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    Abscess or Hemorrhoid?

    So I woke up today and felt OK in the morning. I have been having a little bit of constipated (little pellet) stools lately but I don't really strain. Just a little push. Any way I all of a sudden started feeling a pain in my anal area. I busted out a mirror and saw and felt this little hard...