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SAH (married) mom of 3 (2 in college) + WOOF!

hiking, reading, writing/editing, DIY home/yard, cooking, music


IBS since my 20's; Crohns 2001 @ 41
Major Flare, ileo-cecal resection 2001
Diag. SIBO 2011; 3 SIBO flareups
Past Meds: Prednisone & Pentasa-allergic (2001),
Entocort (2009), Xifaxan-30 days (2011,12,13)
Current Meds: HRT mitigates my symptoms+
Low FODMAPs Diet, SCD yogurt & broth
Supp: Multivit.; Calcium w/ D/Mag.; B-12 sub-lingual; Nordic Nat'ls Ultimate Omega; Blood Builder Vegan Iron
Vitamin D-50,000IU 8 wks.,now 2,000IU