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  1. j.reed315

    Iron infusions

    How long does it take to feel the affects of an iron infusion? I had a two part infusion last of December and still very tired, weak. If it's not one thing its another I swear. My actual crohns is okay but then my joints & bones go crazy along with low iron levels.:ybatty: I do always remind...
  2. j.reed315

    Tis the season

    I love winter and everything that comes along with it. Every year though it's the same thing -huge flare. Not sure why? Is it stress or did I get sick and my body won't stop attacking itself? Whatever the reason , it has started. :( Fingers crossed it's nothing! Everyone pleAse forgive me I...
  3. j.reed315

    Need people who understand

    Just so lonely sometimes, I am a mother of two boys with a husband who try's his very best to understand and help me get through my disease. Here is my issue. I am just so tired of explaining to people. I swear every time I go to work someone will say oh you can't have that or what you don't...