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    Test forBacterial Overgrowth (Lactulose) Breath Test

    I am going to have this breath test at my gastro dr.'s office in a week or so. They tell me it takes up to three hours, and if it shows bacterial overgrowth, then some type of antibiotic will be prescribed. Has anyone had this test, and what was your experience and if antibiotics were...
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    Anyone having success with Uceris?

    I've been taking Uceris for two months now. While I believe it has been of some help, I am disappointed that it has not been more effective in treating the lower bowel. The diarrhea is less but still have bleeding and mucus along with greatly increased gas and bloating. I'd really like to...
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    Uceris for ulcerative colitis

    I've been diagnosed with both Crohn's and UC. Recently I read that Uceris has been approved by FDA for use in UC. It is a steroid called budesonide which is supposed to work to decrease inflammation in the entire colon but without the systemic side effects of prednisone. Anyone using this...
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    Remicade to Cimzia to maybe Humira

    I was diagnosed at age 66, 5 years ago, with Crohn's disease. After a second colonoscopy I was diagnosed with UC. All of the mesalamine drugs were used but as the disease progressed, they were no longer effective. I took Remicaid for nearly one year and it offered a bit of relief, but I had...