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    I know I am stating the obvious here, but as I continue to get medical bills for hundreds and thousands of dollars (with insurance) that I have to somehow figure out how to pay, pay for medication and figure out how to pay rent and eat food- I cannot help but get a bit frustrated. I am not in...
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    6 months in, no remission. Remicade time.

    Hi All, So, it has now been 6 months since this crazy train of Crohn's Granulomatous Colitis started for me. Since then, I have been on Asacol (4800 mg a day), Dexilant, Prednisone taper, Imuran 100 mg and some Hyomax and Bentyl for cramping (amongst the other 18 meds I take a day). After a...
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    One toilet dilemma/solutions?

    Hi All, It goes without saying I live in the bathroom (I have Crohn's Granulomatous colitis and trying hard to get to remission, but not there yet :/). So, this poses a problem.This may be a little odd to ask, but what do you do when your home only has one bathroom and you live with more than...
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    Most profound things that make you happy during IBD

    I am still so new to this IBD stuff. I still feel like I fell off a cliff with this and am learning new stuff all the time, but I am trying to be as positive and optimistic as possible. Some of the things that get me through (besides a loving and supportive spouse, friends, family and the great...
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    Pred,Imuran and random dental issues- Oh my :/

    So I went to the GI yesterday and got all my final blood work and IBD seven serology back. Though she still thinks I have both Crohn's and UC, she feels she has enough evidence to rule out UC (though I will still be closely monitored) with all the biopsies, tests and bloodwork. So, for now, she...
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    Tips how to deal with an active flare??

    Hi All, Even after all these months, I am still suffering from what seems to be a very active flare from IBD (Crohn's and UC both found on biopsies-until one is ruled out and hopefully soon). I am on 60mg Prednisone a day, 2400mg Asacol a day and Dexilant (for hyperacidity from Erosive...
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    Biopsy Results back...OMG!! It's BOTH???!!

    Hi All, I am new around here and it is great to meet you all. If you want to read my story (aka NOVEL)- please go here to the "your story" section and find the thread " Hi! Newly Diagnosed IBD, on top of Bipolar I,Lupus and Menier's Disease..". That's me. I have been in so much pain and am...
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    Hi! Newly Diagnosed IBD, on top of Bipolar I,Lupus and Menier's Disease..

    Hi All, Great to meet you! This forum looks like a great place full of information, which I am so happy to know more about. I am newly diagnosed with what my GI feels certain is Crohn's Disease, but it could be UC. We are waiting on biopsy results to confirm which, but she truly believes it...