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    Starting azathioprine -- when do side effects or signs of intolerance typically show up?

    I'm too new to taking azathioprine to know about my blood levels yet. I don't feel like I'm having any bad reactions as of yet, but I'd imagine that a blood test will be in order at my next appointment (late October). I'm also curious to see if I've developed antibodies to infliximab -- there's...
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    Starting azathioprine -- when do side effects or signs of intolerance typically show up?

    So yeah, like the title says, I'm starting azathioprine (adding it to infliximab), and tonight is my second night taking it. I'm starting on 150mg (I'm a large human), and we're going to see how I tolerate it. For those of you who have tried it but couldn't tolerate it, when did you know? Was it...
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    Combo therapy? (infliximab and azathioprine)

    Has anyone out there started 6MP or aza after they had already started on Remicade, or did you start both at the same time?
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    Combo therapy? (infliximab and azathioprine)

    Hey folks -- looks like the forum got a little spruced up since the last time I was here! Anyone out there on combination therapy with infliximab (Remicade) and azathioprine (Imuran)? Have you had success with it? I've been on 10mg/kg of Inflectra (an infliximab biosimilar) about 8 months, but...
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    Crohn’s in small bowel

    Solidarity, you guys. I'm in the process of trying to find a treatment that works for me. After years of assuming that I only had Crohn's in my terminal ileum, a capsule endoscopy revealed that I have CD in multiple places in the small bowel. (Inflammation outside of the terminal ileum didn't...
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    Strictureplasty recovery time?

    Hello all! After a second partial obstruction that landed me in the hospital, it's starting to look like a strictureplasty may be in my future. Currently undergoing some more testing first (capsule endoscopy next week!), but it looks like there is a specific point that is narrowed in the small...
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    Anyone taking Inflectra or another biosimilar? Your experiences?

    Hello all -- looks like insurance denied Remicade, but Inflectra was listed as "preferred," so perhaps that's what I may be looking at. Waiting to hear. In the meantime, anyone here on Inflectra or another biosimilar? If so, what are your experiences on it?
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    Potentially starting Remicade -- anybody with "mild" Crohn's taking it?

    Howdy everyone, Well, I had a pretty good run of relatively symptom-free life, but it looks like symptoms are flaring up (confirmed by endoscopy and colonoscopy), and my GI is talking about Remicade. I did OK for quite a bit on LDN and mesalamine, but I'm certainly open to getting this more...
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    Back at it again (maybe)

    Hi guys! I'm not new here, but it's definitely been a while. A quick backstory... I was diagnosed with Crohn's in early 2012. Although my case was deemed "mild," I felt like it was anything but -- I was depressed, in pain, and I was losing tons of weight. Gradually, however, I started getting...
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    Update and some questions!

    Howdy folks, Been a while since I've contributed anything substantial here, but this is kind of an interesting set of circumstances and I thought the story was worth telling! My case is fairly "mild," from what I've been told -- but things didn't feel so mild this past Friday when I was...
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    Switched from Pentasa to Lialda

    Howdy folks. Not feeling super great! Not terrible, by any stretch, but I'm curious about others' experiences with this. My prescription provider changed at work, and I had to go with a less expensive/covered alternative to Pentasa. I went with Lialda, and thus far I don't feel like I'm...
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    Random bad days/nights during remission?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for some answers from people who have experienced extended periods of remission, or who are currently in remission. Do you have any experiences with the occasional "off-day" or "off-night" with somewhat severe symptoms, only to have them resolve themselves and not crop up...
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    Question on small section of thickening in TI

    I'll be headed to my GI to discuss this on Tuesday, but I figured I'd ask you folks in the meantime: Anyone have any experience with thickening of a small section of the terminal ileum, and if so, how was it dealt with? From my doctor's note on my MRI results: "5cm thickened area of terminal...
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    Good and bad news!

    I have another appointment with my GI on Tuesday to discuss the results of my MRI, but here's the quick note I received earlier this morning: "5cm thickened area of terminal ileum without visible active inflammation." So... it sounds like the LDN is doing its job in terms of keeping the...
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    LDN and azathioprine (potentially)

    So, I'm reading a lot of conflicting things on the forum, so I figured I'd reach out to try to get an authoritative answer on the subject. Can anyone tell me if I end up taking Imuram/azathioprine that I will still be able to continue taking LDN? I'd like to, if at all possible. It sounds...