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  1. jed

    2nd aniversary!

    right about this very time, 2 years ago to the day, my large intestine was removed! wonder what its up to know? wonder how he's feeling? see, if he didn't go make me sick, he could've still been inside me with his friends. he brought it upon himself. xox
  2. jed

    Frontal lobotomy cured Crohn's Disease?

    A cured Crohns patient?? I just had a call from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital about donations for their cancer research, I apologized for not been able to donate this year because I’m spending my money on Crohns research. She went on to tell me a lady she knows had Crohns, lived a fun life...
  3. jed


    acidophilus i got my script today:) called the compounding pharmacy, asking for prices, she asked if i wanted it done with a base of acidophilus? do i? or doesnt it matter? thanks! oh, and she said its going to be $86au for 100 tablets, is that about on par with what you guys pay?
  4. jed

    Finger/toe nails and surgery

    finger/toe nails and surgery when i had surgery, i noticed a small depression in all my finger and toe nails. it was just one line in there growth that was thinner than normal, about 1mm long, 1mm deep. anyone else ever noticed this? it slowly grew out over the course of about 5 months. i...
  5. jed

    Giving up

    giving up sooooooooo, on my holidays i've been really out of whack timewise, and i've been forgetting so many of my drugs its not funny. and ya know what, i'm not feeling any worse. at all. even my pred craving is dying out. so i think i'm going to give up drugs for a while. maybe my body can...
  6. jed

    Return of the jed

    return of the jed hi all, its probably been about a month since i've been able to get on here for some good reading/replying. was damn busy at work, broken PC at home and just busy with other standard real life thingies. on 4 weeks holidays now, got my PC back today, and kickin' on nicely:)...
  7. jed

    Docs appointment

    docs appointment so i wwent to the docs today to start the process of getting a $4500 cheque for dental work thats made available (free of charge) in Oz for people with chronic illness's. while i was there we discussed a few other things. i had a bone density test done about a year ago, my...
  8. jed

    Fail day

    fail day so all my poops are pretty much blood free lately, mostly a nice firm texture, been putting on a bit of weight. everythings been going pretty damn well. the methotrexate, pllaquinil and small amount of pred seem to be doing a great job. but a couple of days ago i started getting a...
  9. jed


    intimacy someone was recently talking abgout been self concious with their new physical appearance after getting a bag (sorry i cant find the original post). was thinking about it last night. not sure what the ruling is with how tight clothing you can wear, but i was wondering if you could...
  10. jed


    advertising so, who's a memeber of crohns foundations around here? the reason.... I work in the newspaper industry, and when we get some small places in the paper that cant be sold as advertising, or used as editorial space, we often require filler ads. Filler ads are usually either...
  11. jed

    Oral Vs IV steroids

    oral Vs IV steroids does any one know the comparison rate between oral V's IV steroids? at my peak, i was on 60mg oral pred per day, and in hospital my peak was 4x150ml (600ml) perday of IV steroids. obviously 600ml isnt = to 60mg. does anyone know what 1mg oral is = to with IV?
  12. jed

    No large intestine

    no large intestine {{been good, trying not to hijack Mini's thread any longer}} {{or was it the love thread}} sooooooooooo, without a large intestine, my time from eating to the final processed material coming out isnt very long. many thing if i eat them are often not digested properly (but...
  13. jed


    accutane so, does anyone know much about this drug? it may have in some cases caused CD or UC. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accutane on another forum i visit, someone has mentioned they were diagnosed with crohns 3-4 years ago, and his doctor has recently put him on accutane for acne. would...
  14. jed

    Oi agent! come on in!

    oi agent! come on in! detour from another thread, trying to leave hi-jacking to appropriate stupidity:D you feel like expanding a lil on your tin hip? its not something i'm particularly pleased about, but one day if my bone degeneration continues on its merry way, then hip replacement may be...
  15. jed

    Todays tests

    todays tests well, for the first time in 18 months, the docs are very happy with all my blood results. best results in 18 months! i am currently really healthy. time to jinx myself.