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    Its been a really long time

    Yes thanks for the update and glad to hear things are going well💕🤗🎄
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    Heard from Doc today

    Hi CiC, glad to hear Olivia is doing better. I’ll keep praying for her. She sounds like such a strong and determined young lady! She is probably a lot like you. I’ve read all your posts but I don’t have as much experience and wisdom as a lot of the other parents so I don’t post as much...
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    Unknown (as yet) viral infection

    Well glad to hear your son is feeling better! Thanks for sharing your experience!💕
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    Heard from Doc today

    So happy for O!!🤗🤗🤗. Hope she does well at home with no complications. Keep us posted !💜💙❤️
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    Anybody on 2 biologics

    Sorry to hear Lucy is not feeling well. I have no experience with two biological but will be praying for her healing🤗
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    Heard from Doc today

    I am just catching up here, been on vacation the last few weeks. Poor Olivia has been through so much! I am so sorry to hear all she has endured😢. What a great mom and advocate you have been for her. I will keep you both in my prayers💕💕💕
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    Serum sickness remicade?

    Has anyone heard of serum sickness with remicade? My son has been having headaches,about one or two per month associated with nausea and noise sensitivity. They usually last around 8 hours or so and then gone. I give him Tylenol with no relief, ice, essential oil to neck. I sent a message...
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    Ruptured appendix

    My son is in the hospital after having surgery Saturday for a ruptured appendix. He didn’t feel good Thursday after school had lower belly pain and fever . About 4 weeks prior to this had similar thing except had very bad headache, cough, congestion too. Pediatrician diagnosed him with sinus...
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    Elevated ALT

    My son is 11 years old and has been on remicade and oral methotrexate now for 1 year. He initially started on 6MP but changed meds due to diagnosis of JSpA. He's had fluctuations in his ALT since the start of 6MP, and continued even with the med change. Rheumatologist decreased the...
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    Methotrexate side effect

    Is it possible to develop side effects to MTX after being on it already for 10 months? My son took his dose on Sunday and within a few hours had terrible headache, stomach pain and cramping (upper and lower), fever, nausea. He went to bed and woke up the next day totally fine.
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    Dexascan results? How to interpret?

    After our last GI appt., Dr. said my son's bone mineral density from his dexascan in November was low so she wanted to repeat it. The Zscore at that time was -6.6. I just got results and his Zscore now is -2.6. I'm not sure how to interpret these results.
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    10y. old son newly diagnosed, sed rate high for months

    Hello, my son L was diagnosed at age 9 in Sept. 2016 with Crohn's. He had no symptoms prior when he suddenly developed diarrhea and pretty bad foot pain. My initial visit to the doctor was actually for his foot. It hurt so bad he would cry at night, as well it was very swollen. His X-ray was...