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  1. JenS

    Colonoscopy #8 - Biopsy results - still "gray area" for me

    Lab report says "Mucosal erosion with acute inflammation" in sigmoid colon. (Doctor saw the inflammation so he knows it is there)... BUT Basically didn't confirm Crohn's or UC, but instead "unspecified colitis". UGH, 20 years and 8 scopes later, there is still no definite DX!!!! I get...
  2. JenS

    Back home from colonoscopy

    "Erythema and friability in the sigmoid colon" which I think is fancy for "inflammation and bleeding"? Biopsies taken, of course. But overall, very mild inflammation, yay! No meds right now. Will wait until I see him in two weeks for biopsy results (well except Anusol suppositories for the...
  3. JenS

    Bowel prep while bleeding?!?

    Ugh, I have had several colonoscopies in the past, but this is the first time I will have one while in a flare. I have been bleeding for 3 days. I am on liquids now, and don't drink my first prep for another 6 hours. (I have had two Gatorade drinks this morning and I am already in...
  4. JenS

    Colonoscopy #8- but first time with prepopik

    Tomorrow I prep using prepopik. This is my first time using this one. The medical asst said it tastes like Tang. Any suggestions or comments for me!?
  5. JenS

    Oral contraceptive pill use is associated with localized decreases in cortical thickness, Birth Control Pill May Triple Risk Of Crohn's

    New studies show that oral contraceptive pill use is associated with localized decreases in cortical thickness and may make women more vulnerable to Crohn's disease with extended use and a family history of the disease. This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2015-04-15...
  6. JenS

    Horrible gas pains after Cat Scan

    Wow! I have hadBarium CAT scans in the past, but this one is really affecting me. Since I had it done a couple of hours ago the gas pain is unbelievable! I've tried a hot bath m, a heating pad and a Gas-X… Any other recommendations? I'll do it so please
  7. JenS

    12 hour car ride tomorrow

    Wish me luck!! I'm a little nervous but know I can stop if needed.
  8. JenS

    Last day appointment - (ugh whatever!)

    So I had a week of bleeding and diarrhea for the first time in a couple of years. Doctor first said "infection, not Crohn's flare" but all the stool work came back normal. Now he says "IBS not Crohn's". Meanwhile, my iron dropped from 52 to 38 (back to low range) and ferritin at 3! I don't...
  9. JenS

    New app to track lab results

    I see the app on Apple and android :-)
  10. JenS

    New app to track lab results

    My insurance and doctors uses a national Lab called quest diagnostics. I just learned of their new app "my quest diagnostics" that will show you your present and past lab results as well as put them on the chores. It's so cool. I've tracked my anemia from the past two years and I can bring those...
  11. JenS

    Read this news article today

    http://www.orlandosentinel.com/health/la-sci-sn-metabolic-bowel-emulsifiers-20150225-story.html I'm on my cell phone, so I hope I'm not repeating something that's already been posted :-) a friend just brought this article to my attention this afternoon.
  12. JenS

    Boo! I hate waiting on results!!!

    I had 7 days of diarrhea and bleeding. Saw doctor and he said "probably infection and not Crohn's this time". Did blood work and stool samples on Friday. I got a letter in the mail today saying "doctor wants to see you to discuss results". Called nurse to schedule. She said, "It's not...
  13. JenS

    Can Levsin cause veritgo??

    I took a Levsin last night at 6pm. This morning, 12 hours later, I stepped down for my house to the garage and my world was spinning. It lasted 5 to 10 seconds but stopped me my tracks. I have never experienced anything like it!
  14. JenS

    Ouchie!!! No meds

    I haven't been on Crohn's meds in years. I have had a few days of hell and see doctor at 2:30pm today. I am in so much pain and diarrhea. I am taking Tylenol and Immodium this morning. Just needed to vent!!!! OUCHIE:stinks:
  15. JenS

    Back pain---Muscle or Joint???

    My back was in so much pain this month. Doctor said "myalgia" which means muscle, but I think it could be joint pain. Xray was clear, showed no problems. What does your Crohn's-related back pain feel like???