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  1. Jessasha

    Anybody had a Probiotic infusion/Fecal transplant

    Hiya all, Just wondering if anyone has had a Probiotic infusion/Fecal transplant? If so I was wondering how your getting on and has it helped your Crohns/Colitis? Thanks
  2. Jessasha

    Study on Remicade/Humira/Cimza resulting in skin conditions

    Hiya All, This is a study I found due to a extreme itching Rash I have experienced on Humira, I have a history of Eczma as does my family. You can find my thread in the Humira section titled (What to do now!). This is for you if your looking at taking one of these meds and suffer or have in the...
  3. Jessasha

    What to do now!!

    Hi all, I've been on Humira now for around 3 months, in the last month things have snowballed somewhat with site reactions, full body itchy rash including my vag, Joint pain in my knees, hair thinning, Sinus(chronic), feeling very poor in general and I have no appetite. I saw my GI Wednesday...
  4. Jessasha

    Does anyone have regular bloods while on Humira

    Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you have any regular blood work done while taking Humira. I'm coming up to my 3 month mark and haven't done any since starting.. Off course I'm not complaing if this is the norm. I'm kinda over being a pin cushion..
  5. Jessasha

    Are meds supposed to heal fissures?

    Can anyone tell me if meds are supposed to heal fissures or is this something that is supposed to heal itself in time?
  6. Jessasha

    How did your Fistula Show up?

    I have perianal crohn's and I'm really worried I'm going to to end up with a fistula. My meds don't seem to be controlling any of my fissures and now I've noticed a lump the size of a pea down below.. it's kind of like a blind pimple. Anyway for those of you unlucky enough to be suffering from...
  7. Jessasha

    I feel like scratching my face to pieces...

    I have finally tapered of off prednisolone last week.. I had my 8th injection of Methotrexate on thursday and thursday night I just wanted to scratch my face to pieces, its red and hot and extreamly itchy, there has been no improvement since.. My Gi recommended 3 days of 25mg of prednisolone and...
  8. Jessasha

    Growing facial hair?

    I was wondering if anyone else has had a side effect from Prednisolone of facial hair? I am growing a mo!!:shifty-t: and excess hair on my face.. I have been on Pred for nearly 5 months now. Does the hair stop growing and will things go back to normal when you go off the Prednisolone? This is...
  9. Jessasha

    Am I Prednisolone dependant??

    Hi guys, I've been on 40mg Prednisolone since I was diagnosed in January.. Tapered down to 5mg on two seperate occasions while trying to get stablized on Imuran and now Methotrexate but after a week on 5mg I have fissures return and other mild crohns symptoms.. This is so frustrating because I...
  10. Jessasha

    Started Methotrexate Yesterday....

    Well I started Methotrexate yesterday and I feel really good today.. So far no side effects :D Hoping this works out for me because the Imuran was effecting my liver so I was taken off of that.. I just can't wait to get settled on something that works without to many side effects.. I started...
  11. Jessasha

    Imuran side effects or Crohn's

    I've been on Imuran 100mg for 3 weeks now. 10mg Prednisolone tapering not sure why because the aza is supposed to take 3 months or more to take full effect. (thinking about uping this to 25mg until the 3 month mark). Calcium and Salopraz 40mg. Any way I have supicions that my crohns is...
  12. Jessasha

    Hi everyone..

    Hi All, My name is Sharyn.. I was diagnosed with crohns last week after scopes and placed on 40mg Prednisolone, 40mg Pantoprazole. I am so grateful for the wealth of information on this forum.. Some of your stories put a lump in my throat :( and I am blown away by the amount of people in the...
  13. Jessasha

    Why does the pred make you gain weight?

    Hi All, This is my first post..Just tring to get my head around all this info..Diagnosed last week after scopes. I have been on pred 40mg for 6 days now.. Can anyone tell me why do you gain weight from taking pred.. is it bacause it just makes you hungry and you tend to eat more or is it from...