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  1. Jim Gonsler

    Kidney Stones and Crohn's

    Two weeks ago I was admitted to the hospital, where I stayed for 4 days for having multiple kidney stones in my kidneys! Very painful!! Over the past several years I've struggled with kidney stones and am told by my doctors that it's very common with Crohn's patients. With that being said, is...
  2. Jim Gonsler

    Crohn's and Kidney Stones

    Hi, I'm to the point of total frustration on this subject! I have been suffering from kidney stone problems for years now. I am told by my gastrointerologist and urologist that my Crohn's condition is more than likely the cause of my body manufacturing these stones. Recent tests have shown...
  3. Jim Gonsler

    Anyone With Experience Using Probiotics For Crohns

    I recently spoke with a lady who has a good amount of success with Probiotics in treating her IBS. I had a questions as who of you out there have had equal good experience using Probiotics to treat your Crohn's condition.
  4. Jim Gonsler

    Access To Private Restrooms In Stores and Gas Stations

    I have Crohn's disease (a similar disease as IBD) and a few months ago I had a flare-up as result of eating something that didn't agree with me. I was in downtown Detroit at the time on a week-end late evening. Many businesses in the city do not allow public access to their restrooms that have...
  5. Jim Gonsler

    Could Worms Be The Secret Weapon In Fighting Crohn's?

    Studies have shown that the incidence of autoimmune disease tends to be highest in the developed world, and particularly the highest upper-income groups. Researchers hypothesize that the elimination of certain intestinal parasites may have led to the loss in some individuals of a key mechanism...
  6. Jim Gonsler

    Sweet New Facts About Sugar

    All you hear these days, is that sugar is public enemy number one when it comes to your health, some people even refer to it as the "white death" . I've found that while that may be true about certain kinds of sugars there are other kinds of sugar that are not only harmless to our bodies but...
  7. Jim Gonsler

    Does Stress Cause Colitis

    Hi Folk, Just yesterday as I was driving into work and listening to a popular talk show WJR 760 in the Detroit area, the announcer said something that caught my attention. The topic of this particular morning happened to be Colitis. The reason Colitis happend to be in the forefront of...
  8. Jim Gonsler

    Why No Push For Supplements

    I've been doing some research lately on antioxidant rich products, also called Bioflavanols that many people are finding very good at reducing the inflammation characteristic of Crohn's Disease along with many of the uncomfortable side effects. Funny how prescription drug products though...
  9. Jim Gonsler

    Gout Problems and Crohn's

    Having a lot of problems with my feet (big toes, arches and heels), caused by Gout my doctor says. Someone told me the Crohn's surgery on my Ileum took out the part of my intestines that helps to absorb the Uric acid. So, I've got to be careful of eating or drinking even more things now...
  10. Jim Gonsler

    Crohn's Disease and Gout

    For any of you Crohn's people out there that may be suffering from the painful effects of Gout like I am. I have been experiencing a lot of pain lately in both my feet, especially the big toe, but also around the arches and heels of my feet as well. I know that Gout has something to do with...
  11. Jim Gonsler

    Crohn's Disease and Joint Pain

    I have been fighting the effects of joint pain for a long time. I understand that much of the cause is due to having Crohn's Disease...since Crohn's is all about inflammation, not just in the intestines but all over the body, including the joints. I'm not a big fan of pain killers (due to the...
  12. Jim Gonsler

    Natural Remedies In A drug Obsessed Culture?

    I'd love to hear from anyone who is not buying the hype that clinical based prescription drugs should be the only choice of people suffering from the effects of Crohn's Disease. Medical doctors get lots of praise for the work and dedication and expense that they put out in their efforts to...
  13. Jim Gonsler

    Crohn's and Celiac The un-dynamic Duo?

    Hi, I've been a Crohn's sufferer for years, but over the past few years I was also diagnosed with another gut problem...namely Celiac Disease. My gastro doctor suggested I get a blood test to determine if I in fact had Celiac, in addition to Crohn's, based on some of the symptoms I was...
  14. Jim Gonsler

    The Crohn's Celiac Connection

    I was diagnosed two years ago by my gastrointeralogist as having Celiac Disease, in addition to Crohn's...which I have had for 40 years. I've been doing a little research lately and am hearing that it is very common to have both. In a way, this really sucks! I have always had to be careful...
  15. Jim Gonsler

    Sore Joints and Crohn's

    I've had problems with joint pain, especially in the knees. I was wondering if that is attributable to Crohn's Disease. I know that a person with Crohn's is robbed of some of the key nutrients needed for the body to work properly...in my case the joints. I've been taking something lately that...