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    So I have been on entocort for about 3 months now and it's been pretty good my question is I have some symptoms I can't shake 1. Constant uneasy stomach 2. Constant grumbling of guts 3. Discomfort no pain really 4. And my backside is good for a few days then right back to inflamed and...
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    Silver biotics?

    I'm not big on alternative medicine I stick pretty well to conventional treatments for crohns but after doing some research I'm seriously thanking about trying silverbiotics/collodial silver seems to be a lot of good uses for it basically a great way to stay healthy all around by killing bad...
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    My butts not hurting so why am I bleeding after bm's again?!!?! Ahhhhhhhhhhh so confused and pissed right now smh I hate crohns
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    Tapering off entocort ouch!!!

    So I've been on entocort for about 2 months and have been feeling a lot better no more bloody poops!!!! Well until I started tapering that is for the last 3 days I've been having more abdominal pain and the bloody poops is back so I guess it's time to go back to 9mg a day instead of 6mg just...
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    Left abdoman pain?

    Only one poop today with a lil blood and now left abdoman pain could this be constipation maybe? I never have d just C but this is a new pain to m
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    My gi nurse said if I have blood during a bm then I'm flaring is this true? I just stepped down a pill on entocort to taking 2 a day instead of 3. The entocort has all but healed my backside up but since I stepped down I've had blood after bm's. I also asked her if I should step back up to 3...
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    Poop, blood, and diet

    I was just wondering I've been doing great lately with no blood at all after a bm well the last 2 days I've ate pizza and late yesterday I started having blood after bm's no pain at all but blood on tp paper? My question is does diet affect fissures? Can diet aggravate and re open a fissure?
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    So I've been doing really good lately I started a new pro biotic and it has made a huge difference almost healed my back side up completely or so I thought ;,-( after my last bm guess what I found blood!!!! Yahhhhhhh I love how crohns let's u thank ur doing good then smack right back to...
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    Freaked out!!

    So I got my wife to take a pic of my backside....weird I know but I've always had fistulas and absecess back there well I saw a small dark blue ball that has me freaked out!!!! What is this?!?!
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    Upper back left shoulder blade pain?

    So for as long as I can remember now I've had this weird tingling pain in my left shoulder blade but after a few weeks it would usually go away. Well lately it's been really intense and the pains spreading across my whole upper back and neck. I'm having really bad indigestion and when I burp it...
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    So I was diagnosed with Crohn's cause I couldn't poop and still to this day I have trouble havering a successful bm I'm a 28 year old male that weighs 230 so I love to eat!!! I get so backed up that my back hurts and I get so full it's hard to breathe sometimes!! Anybody have this issue with...
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    So for years and years now I've been getting these upper back pains mainly on the left shoulder blade it's a numb tingling burning kinda pain. It gets really bad then eventually gets manageable. It gets worse when I sit and slotch. This time around it's pretty bad I'm feeling weak and spacey...
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    Eyes,nose,weak, fatigued

    So this is crazy!! I'm on entocort and it's healed my butt problems but I'm left with all these other symptoms what can I do!! B12 maybe?
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    Heading to walmart

    Heading to walmart to get se b12 supplement should I go the sublingual route?
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    Symptoms of perianal Crohn's?

    So whats some symptoms of perianal Crohn's other than the obvious like my lower back hurts, when I'm inflamed my butt cheeks hurt, and I have frequent urination sometimes also the biggie it's a pain in the ass!! And not to give tmi but have any of the males on here ever get a rash on ur penis...