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    Home Remicade infusions- pros/cons/ your experience?

    We use option care and they are contacted with a home health care in his college town. When it's time for infusion he calls option care and they overnight the meds and he calls the home health care and sets up the time for the infusion. All the billing is done through option care
  2. Jmrogers4

    Success Stories

    Of course, I post about how well he is doing taking care of his own medical stuff only to find out days later cleaning under the sink in the boys' bathroom he never did the FCP he was supposed to over the summer and the infusion center he gets infusions at near school closed over the summer so...
  3. Jmrogers4

    FCP results based on disease location

    Can we just say these kids can't be medical adults until we say so... :LOL: Jack was supposed to have FCP done over the summer, he'd lost weight etc. He never did it! From our experiences, it's been the only indication something is going on as labs just don't change for him. He was doing...
  4. Jmrogers4

    Success Stories

    I'll update - Jack continues to be in remission I think he started Remicade in January 2015 (how's that for a success story, he's been in remission for so long I can't even remember the exact date) He was 14 1/2 and is now 20 1/2, diagnosed at 10. He is away at college a junior studying...
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    Should he stay or should he go??

    All right my mammas, Jack has not had labs done since August 7th. Our goal at that point with him going to school was maybe every 3rd infusion. So not hearing anything I sent an email to his GI asking and he usually responds within 2 days if it's not urgent (a week goes by and I don't hear...
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    504 Update - Pre-College

    We have Jack's 504 review tomorrow and the nurse just asked me if there was anything we wanted to add to be more helpful in transitioning services to college. He currently has free bathroom pass, food/water allowed anytime, no tardies, extended time on assignments and shortened assignments if...
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    Twitching eye?

    Infusion tomorrow and will question GI but right below Jack's eye it's been twitching nearly constantly for about a week. I, at first, assumed it was just fatigue but he's been sleeping well at least for a teenage boy -bed about 9pm and up at 5:45 during the week. Weekends vary but generally 11...
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    Remicade and weight loss

    Decided to start a new thread on this so it doesn't get lost as I think this may be another long journey of trying to figure out why. Results are in.... and they are great, Remi levels are good, no antibodies present. So it once again leaves us scratching our heads about weight loss. In the...
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    Broken bone and remicade

    So got home from urgent care about an hour ago and Jack has broken his arm. He is due for his infusion on Tuesday, I've tried to do some research assumed it was fine since it's not systemic but have found some random posting about slower healing. Any body have any experience? Have to call the...
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    Vitamin D low but in remission, should we increase?

    So Jack's labs just got posted from his infusion last week. His GI is out of town so I'm sure he will call but probably not until after New Years. We pulled for Vitamin D levels as we had not tested for some time. He takes daily 1000mg and it came back at 26. Normal range 30-100. He has no...
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    Bug Bites? Infection? Remicade?

    It has happened again! Just got home from vacation and Jack has several spots on his leg that appear to be infected. He has a infusion scheduled for Wednesday. Do I need to cancel? I have calls into both GI and GP. I'm worried as we were in such a good place last year and July and bug...
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    Happy Canada Day and 4th of July

    Happy Canada Day to all my neighbors up North and Happy 4th of July on Friday to all in the US. Hope you have a fun filled day with family and friends
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    Endocrinologist - Delayed Puberty an Update

    Had our follow up visit to the endocrinologist from our December 31st visit where we decided to wait for further testing in the hopes that remicade would do the trick and kick start things. Well he is doing fabulously well on remicade and everybody is pleased with his weight but.... even though...
  14. Jmrogers4

    Elevated AST (SGOT)?

    Alright just had Jack's labs posted and I'm sure his GI will call me this evening. He usually calls after hours but his AST is slightly elevated 42 (range 10-36 U/L 37), RBC just by a titch 5.42 (range 3.90-5.30), hemoglobin just a titch as well 15.4 (12.5-15.0). Lymphocyte % as well just...
  15. Jmrogers4

    Tater Tot and Remicade

    MRI Results are back - narrowing and inflammation at TI and up into small intestine so we are jumping on the remicade train. GI is going to start working on insurance approval. Have had myself a little cry and moving on. Hoping this does the trick and gets everything under control. One part of...