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    Question for those who have colostomy bags

    Lol no chance of any proper post-op care in this shithole. I just really hope he'll refer me for the operation - that's my biggest concern. 1 because it's not technically IBD (although I could argue a case for its classification) and 2 because I'm just so underweight because of the condition...
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    Question for those who have colostomy bags

    Excellent, this is really sounding like it will be successful
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    Question for those who have colostomy bags

    Oh great thank you so much - the problem I have is that I feel like the bowel is not empty, and each movement ends up taking longer and longer each time. It literally takes up half my day now. I get like 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night. It's like the urge you get if you have diarrhoea, but could...
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    Question for those who have colostomy bags

    Actually, he said it was some kind of rare, only-recently-researched form of IBS. I suspected I had Crohn's before I saw him, which is why I came here before. Not sure, maybe shares a lot of traits of IBD. I thought it would be the large intestine, but just wasn't 100% sure. Cells of rectum...
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    Question for those who have colostomy bags

    Thank you very much for your insight - very helpful as a possible effect. To add to my original post, I'd like to essentially us a colostomy bag i.e. change the evacuation from active to passive.
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    Question for those who have colostomy bags

    Hello there, long time, no see. In a nutshell, my question is for those who have had large/small/both(?) Intestines removed. Do you lose the feeling of "needing to go to the toilet" (that urge to evacuate the bowels) that is experienced in normal life before removal? I'm referring to that...
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    Hey all, it's been a while since I was last here. Firstly, sorry about the vague title; I was unsure how to summarise this. Okay, after all these tests unanimously concluding the same "all-clear" result, I've finally accepted that it isn't Crohn's. However, my mind has been non-stop since day...
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    So what's left to do?

    Hey all, hope you're all well. You know, relatively. I've had gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium follow-through, x-rays, Cat's, MRI, all sorts of bloods and stool tests... Just had a capsule endoscopy on Thursday. Holy hell that was some hard prep... My week was like searching for recipes with...
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    Choosing surgery before medication?

    Hi everyone. I haven't had a diagnosis yet, and I don't expect to ever get one. However, on the off-chance that I do, I'd like to be prepared. In a nutshell, I'd like to know if you have the right to request surgery before trialling medication? I'm not sure of the side effects of anything yet...
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    What if it isn't IBD?

    Hi all... So having every symptom but no diagnosis and tests all clear. In my heart of hearts I believe it is an IBD. Everyone I see just sends for tests and says that because they're clear there isn't a problem, meanwhile I'm deteriorating every day. Apparently I should be either getting a...
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    IBS vs. IBD Symptoms

    Hi all, So I went to my gastroenterology appointment on Wednesday and same story as the past two and a half years... The modern culture I hate that we live in: "computer knows best". I.e. well you have these symptoms but tests are all clear so you must be fine. He asked if anyone had suggested...
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    Toilet Stuff (Sorry)

    Hi, sorry to ask about such a disgusting and humiliating topic but I think it's important. Whilst I've known that I display pretty much all of the symptoms of Crohn's, the one I have which I've never been able to find out about is the amount of time on the toilet... I used to always go after...
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    Hellooo (Introduction)

    Hi everyone, Out of nowhere in about May 2015 I started becoming incredibly fatigued, abdominal pains, overwhelming urge to go to the toilet, and taking increasing amounts of time to do so every day after eating, and haemorrhaging weight as a result. Drove myself to insanity trying to think of...