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    Aza and osteonecrosis of the femoral head

    Hi everybody, I have had prednisone for five months last year from April to October, then in November 22th I toke my first surgeory. The dose of prednisone is about twice 40mg down to 0. And from May last year, I began taking Imuran 2 pills/day until now. About 2 or 3 months ago, I found that...
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    Surgery and Pred

    Hi, I have stricture in my intestine and diagnosed at the end of April. From then on, I use pred 40mg/d. Now, I still have 25mg/d. However, pred and Imuran don't have effect on me. My doc suggested me do the surgery. But, I must first get out of pred because of pred could do harm to the scar...
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    Worried about my half-obstruction

    About me: I was diagnosed one and a half month ago with the only symptom of half-obstruction in my intestine. The med now is pred 20mg/d(tapered down from 40mg), pentasa 4g/d and Imuran 100mg/d(the 2nd week). Now my CRP is closed to normal, however, my symptom is still there. My question: 1...
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    Take Vitamin D tablets with fish oil capsules together?

    Since Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin, and fish oil is good for CD, so could i take vitamin d tablets with fish oil capsules together? would it be better for absorption?
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    Starting Imuran, still on pred, should I stop Pentasa?

    Hi, everyone, I was diagnosed with the symptom of intestine half-obstruction about four weeks ago. Since then, 40mg/d pred was used for 3weeks and this week 35mg/d, tomorrow will be reduced to 30mg/d. Meanwhile I used Mesalazine for about 5-6 weeks. (2 weeks ago, I changed Etiasa to Pentasa...
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    Need advice for better sleep!

    Since I was diagnosed a month ago, I could not sleep very well. I usually sleep at 9 pm, and I would wake up at 2 am in the morning. Then I could not go back into deep sleep again, and all my mind is about my disease, my medicines, my future and so on. Maybe it's side effect of pred. Sleep is so...
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    The relationship between CRP and symptom?

    Is CRP directly relative to the symptom? According to the latest blood test, my CRP is 6.36 and ESR is normal, much lower than those before using pred and pentasa, but my half-obstruction symptom is still there. when i drink EN, my intestine is still grumbling and gurgling. Should i be more...
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    Newbie say hello from China

    Hello everyone! I am 28 years old from China, where CD is not known by mostly all of people. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease last month, I was so desperate that it was a chronic disease and could relapse all my life. I just got married last year and don’t have a baby yet. The disease...