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    Predinsone withdrawal - question

    predinsone withdrawal - question I have been on pred since July 2009... as much as 40mg daily and the least I got down to was 10mg then had a flare and pumped it back up. I've been on 20 mg for the past few months, had surgery Wed the 17th, and on the day I left the hospital my surgeon told me...
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    Recovery from surgery

    Wanted to give an update on my surgery, as reading some of your posts from your experiences helped me! I had surgery Wed the 17th for stricture. Had about 12 inches total of instestine removed, mostly small but some colon as well. This is my first surgery ever of any kind so I did not know...
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    Surgery next week - my 1st

    Hi everyone, I'm having surgery next week for a stricture. I was just diagnosed with Crohn's in July and have had two hospital stays since. We've tried cimzia and no change. After meeting with the surgeon Friday, I learned that the attacks I have been having are due to the small instestine...
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    Reasonable course of treatment for newly diagnosed?

    reasonable course of treatment for newly diagnosed? I was just wondering what is the reasonable or normal progression of treatment options for Crohn's? I was just diagnosed with it about a month and a half ago. I was hospitalized for 5 days and then sent home on Flagyl and 40 mg of...
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    Just diagnosed, confused and uninformed!

    Hi everyone, so glad to find a place like this to get some first-hand information! Here's my story: I am 36 yr old and was just diagnosed this week with Crohn’s. I started feeling poorly about a year ago. I first attributed it to stress (4 young kids including twins that are now 3 plus a...