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    Surgery changes over last 15 years

    I had a small bowel resection about 15 years ago; and it looks like I may need another. Can anyone speak to the changes in resection surgery that they have experienced having one and then another years later? Have there been any notable changes/differences.
  2. Justanothercp


    So, I have a fibrostenotic stricture. No active inflammation. I have had one 30 cm resection 15 yrs ago. My choices are balloon dilation to try to delay surgery, stricturplasty or resection ( probably open). Anyone have advise or thoughts/experiences??
  3. Justanothercp

    Online Pharmacies

    Has anyone had luck with online pharmacy orders? I am considering ordering my Budesonide from online pharmacy so I can save about $1200/yr.
  4. Justanothercp

    Entocort/Budesonide help

    So, the cost of a prescription of Budesonide just went from $20 to $500 for me due to insurance reclassifying it as a "specialty" Tier 3 drug. Are there any alternatives?? $500 each refill is gonna be tough to swing.
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    Remicade cost: Help

    My insurance cost not only went up $400/mo, I now have to pay 10% of my Remicade infusions. Backbreaking. I don't actually know how much my Remicade infusions are, but my guess is thousands... Any advice?? Any idea home much an infusion is? I'm with Kaiser in California. Does anyone know if...
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    Number of resections and time between

    I've had one resection 13 years ago. I've been on Lialda, Remicade, and Budesonide since. Recently I'm having signs of persistent narrowing again. My question for those who have had a resection is how many have you had and what was the time period between surgeries??.
  7. Justanothercp

    Bloodwork Advice

    Hi all. I am due for blood-work in February and would like some advice on what tests to make sure I get. What are the some of most common/important tests for Crohns? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  8. Justanothercp

    Mycobacterium - MAP

    I've been researching mycobacterium and anti-MAP treatment as it relates to Crohns. My question is: if you have been involved in this treatment, what were your primary Crohns symptoms. (ie diarrhea, strictures, fistulas etc.)?? And did the treatment help? Thanks in advance