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  1. Kacey

    Bum issue, TMI, what is this?

    It's been a year since my ileocecal bowel resection and removal of absess. I've been doing well, pain is gone and BMs are normal-ish (I don't even know what normal is, but twice daily occasional D) my problem is that after I go to the bathroom, I need to go back about 1/2 hour later to wipe...
  2. Kacey

    New symptoms after surgery?

    Does anyone have any advice to offer concerning new symptoms after surgery. Or even just new symptoms, period! I'm three mts post op, never had a problem with D before, but now I am going 6-10 times a days. I thought it may have been a flu bug, but it's been 9 days now so I am pretty sure it...
  3. Kacey

    Is this NORMAL?

    So I have this weird sorta tugging feeling where the large and small were resected and reattached. It only seems apparent when I stretch a little too far or if I lift something a little too heavy. I am about 12 weeks post op, and feeling just fine otherwise. This feeling of 'discomfort' is...
  4. Kacey

    ACNE after surgery

    I'm not really sure what the reason is, which is why I am posting this. After my 11 day stay in the hospital, 10 lb weight loss and surgery I've developed SEVERE acne. Every morning I wake up it seems to be worse. What's the reason for this? I never had problems with acne so it seems strange...
  5. Kacey

    5 weeks POST OP, pain at navel/redness

    I returned to work three days ago. I had a lap, resect done five weeks ago and felt well enough to get back to my old routines. Well, three days now I've been working and the pain in my belly button area began this morning. It hurts to laugh, like as if it's a muscle BUT its now also red...
  6. Kacey

    BLOATING 4 weeks post op

    The bloating is what's preventing me from returning to work!!! I can't wear dress pants LOL honestly though, I am only comfortable in joggers or PJ pants. Is this normal??? I had a bowel resection 4 weeks ago. I thought that by now I'd feel more like myself, but it's really taking it's time...
  7. Kacey

    Adding calories to everyday food

    adding calories to everyday food This might be a dumb question, but is there such a thing (like a powder or spice) that you can just add to what you are cooking which would add calories. Am I thinking of protein powder? I know there's something, I've lost so much weight that I don't even...
  8. Kacey

    Abscess found during surgery

    abscess found during surgery I had surgery on Tuesday, a Lap bowel resection. They took out some of the large and some of the small, and they told me that there was an abscess (a surprise abscess) that they also took care of. I really have no idea what they did, drained it-lanced, cut it off...
  9. Kacey

    YIKES, SURGERY! help-help-help

    I never thought it would get this bad. I see a surgeon tomorrow. I had a SBFT on Monday, same day appt. for results and my GI recommends surgery AS WELL as remicade to prevent this kind of scarring from occurring again. I guess I'm in bad shape. Don't get me wrong, I feel it too, but I...
  10. Kacey

    FEVER?? two days now?

    I see the doc Monday but in the meantime, I am freaking out. Two days in a row I've ran a low grade fever (only 99.5-100.3) BUT I REALLY feel it. I am down and out when it spikes, and I pop a tylonol or two to get back to normal as I JUST started back the new school year and I can't be out...
  11. Kacey

    AHHHH! I need to put on the BEEF!

    I'm 88 lbs, 5"0 tall! I am tiny and feel like a tween waiting for puberty! Shakes such as "Ensure" and "Boost" make me nauseas! No one seems to be concerned except me. I eat and feel pain ALL night because of it. EVERYTHING seems to bother my tummy. How am I suppose to gain weight if eating...
  12. Kacey

    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    I get extremely paranoid when using cannabis. But I do feel a great deal of relief in regards to the gut. Is there a way of using it that would cause LESS paranoia? Is ingesting or vaporizing different then smoking it? I wish I could benefit from it, it would be so easy! LOL
  13. Kacey

    Colonsoscopy-could not see into small bowel?!?!?

    So I had a colonoscopy done this afternoon. I was pretty sedated so I don't remember much. Doc came to speak to me (VERY BRIEFLY) said that he could not get far into the terminal Illeum (which was where I was very diseased in the past) He said he got in a little bit, but there was too much...
  14. Kacey

    I just can't finish the prep!

    I really hope I am "cleaned out" enough! I am prepping for a colonoscopy, and finished one pack of pico salax earlier this morning. I felt nauseous, crampy, chilled all day. I pooped a lot too! But I am suppose to take the 2nd pack of it, but only kept 4 sips of it down before I was gagging...
  15. Kacey

    Can imuran work fast?

    I've been told it can take up to 6 mts to get the full effects of Imuran. I am wondering though, is it possible for it to start working in as little as two weeks? I was in a lot of pain, and was experiencing new symptoms. I wasn't on any meds-so I went back to the doc who put me back on...