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    Another "I started Anti-MAP" thread

    Hi there, I've been in total symptom free remission for almost a year now, which is amazing since I spent most of 2018 severely ill with Crohn's affecting my stomach, small and large intestine. I stopped taking the antibiotics after 6 months due to cost and due to the uneasiness about taking...
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    How to better approach the topic of asking for blood results

    Before I begin I'll give some relevant information about my background. I am not a doctor but have always been interested in medicine and biology. Five years ago I worked as a data analyst for three years where I published two papers in peer reviewed scientific journals on the topic of how...
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    Another "I started Anti-MAP" thread

    I have been on Anti-MAP for a few days now and finally managed to convince myself to make a post about it. I've been taking notes which I'll put in chronological order below. I want to say thanks to IrishGal for giving me some advice on this over the last few days through PMs. 14 days before...
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    Resting heart rate

    I use a fitbit which tracks my heart rate throughout the day. When I sleep at night and my heart rate goes down to it's lowest level, it measures that level and gives an updated resting heart rate figure every day. I have noticed that when I am flaring, or have any other type of illness such as...
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    Methotrexate vs Azathioprine

    Based on the research I've done online, considering a conventional "bottom up" approach to drugs for Crohn's, I think there seem to be four main levels, where the lowest level is tried first, and if that doesn't work, the next level is tried: Mesalazine Corticosteroids (Budesonide...
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    What is Crohn's remission like

    Hi, my first post. I was diagnosed with Crohn's in March, so only 5 months ago. Relatively new to having Crohn's. I only started having symptoms in November 2017, and previous to that I have never had any Crohn's like symptoms my whole life. I am 26. I wanted to know, for those who have had...