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  1. Kat123

    Repeat prescriptions

    Hi all, I'm feeling very grumpy today because my new GP won't give me Azathioprine on a repeat prescription but is insisting I come into the surgery to see them each time. I get that they have to monitor blood tests but why do they actually have to see me? Perhaps it doesn't seem like a big...
  2. Kat123

    Starting elemental diet

    Hi all, I'm just starting an elemental diet (E028) and I'm struggling a bit. I'm looking for words of advice and encouragement. My dietitian said phase it in over three days, reducing down one main meal each day, which I have done, so today is my first day of being on it totally. I've got the...
  3. Kat123

    EEN for perianal fistula?

    I'm considering trying EEN to help treat a perianal fistula. Does anyone have any experience of this or know if it could help? I've been able to find very little research on the subject. My crohn's is colonic and perianal only, no small bowel involvement. My bowel is good at the moment though...
  4. Kat123

    Humira levels & antibody testing - UK

    Does anyone know, is it possible to test for Humira trough levels and antibodies in the UK? I don't feel that Humira is working for me, and seems it would be sensible to test for levels before doing anything - e.g. coming off it / switching to another biologic / upping dose. My GI has told me...
  5. Kat123

    How to decide whether to have LIFT procedure?

    Hi there, Does anyone have any experiences - good or bad - with LIFT procedure? I have a transphincteric perianal fistula, with a seton since end Feb this year. Currently on Humira since March, and Aza, but to me it doesn't seem to be having much of an effect. Still have drainage, but that...